UK — Have people especially the football fans heard about the football boots with the fluorescence function? The editor from the famous Football Boots UK online supplier ( ) said that Adidas has recently released their fluorescence series football boots which have already been popular in the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. However, the introduction of the new technologies to football boots is not fresh news because two large football boots manufacturer Nike and Adidas would always promote their new series football shoes in each year. Although the football boots¡¯ innovation is very normal, the fluorescence function of new Adidas football shoes at this time is also very attractive.

This innovative technology for fluorescence function can let the shoes capture and reflect the stadium floodlights and camera flash lights thereby deter other defensive players. Frankly speaking, the invention of the Adidas fluorescence series football shoes should be the first showing of light reflective technology at the world’s top football stadium. Adidas soccer shoes will continues to lead the cutting-edge technology to the next level. If football fan wants to experience this new series of football shoe, please visit the official website of the famous football boots online shop.

However, the Adidas new Fluorescence series football boots will promote the customized services of Cheap Football Boots the Miadidas to new heights and level. Adidas fans can let the fluorescence be applied on shoe¡¯s body and lace by the custom service from Miadidas. In other words, the iconic three bars will be shined in the Stadium. At present, all four series of Adidas soccer shoes such as adizerof50, predator, Nitrocharge and 11pro could all support the customized services which would provide with more personality and convenience to football players and fans all over the world.

The editor from the famous football boots online seller Sports Direct Boots has told people the news about this new Adidas football shoes. In the new round matches of the UEFA Champions League, most of Europe’s top players have first time worn the new Adidas shoes with the reflective appearance in their football match. This is only the first step for Adidas¡¯s promotion for this new series of football shoe and there would be more added promotional activities for this new shoe.

Frankly speaking, the using of the fluorescence technology by Adidas at this time is not the first time. Adizero Smoke Spotlight boots that had been launched by Adidas the United States of 2012 should be the first shoes which Adidas use the reflective technology. If UK¡¯s football fans want to know more about this newly fluorescence series football shoes, they could browse website which is the most professional online shop for famous football boots.

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