(Free Press Release) Women‘s empowerment thought leaders Jennifer S. Wilkov and Michele Mattia launch The Deliciously Fabulous YOU Retreat in New York City on May 20 22, 2011, to facilitate women‘s fears by helping them consciously create more fulfilling lives.

Brooklyn, NY - April 30, 2011 -- For years, women have accepted and perfected the role of being the person that everyone can count on: "that she can and should be everything to everyone." It may be 2011 but the truth is too many of today's women have accepted responsibility for the happiness of others while continuing to push her dreams, ideas and goals further down.

At some point, she stands back to look at her life if she dares and finds she doesn‘t like what she sees. Somewhere in all of her giving and nurturing, she realizes that she is unfulfilled and she's not sure who she really is anymore. Moreover, she can‘t identify who to talk to because most of the people in her life enjoy the person she has become -- and they want her to stay that way.

A new women‘s retreat is being launched in New York City in May, a place where many women find it challenging to get away amidst the hectic and often chaotic schedules they keep. Michele Mattia, the best-selling co-author of the book, "Align Expand and Succeed: Shifting the Paradigm of Entrepreneurial Success," and a Life Design coach, and Jennifer S. Wilkov, a best-selling author and the co-author of the book, "Boys Before Business: The Single Girl‘s Guide to Having It All," have created a unique weekend experience for women in the Tri-State area that offers a means to address these feelings in a community that cares about her thoughts, feelings and inspirations.

The Deliciously Fabulous YOU Retreat is designed to provide women with the opportunity to reconnect with their power and their voice, while embracing their authentic selves. The secrets to being “every woman” begin with her connection with herself and what life she defines she wants to live. The seven areas addressed during the weekend include:

* Being present
* Raising her awareness
* Opening her heart
* Softening & strengthening her Soul
* Building relationships
* Empowering herself while supporting others
* Consciously creating the next steps toward the Deliciously Fabulous YOU

"Humanity's misfortune is when we don't realize the very gifts that we are! We don‘t serve the rest of the world or ourselves by playing small," says Michele Mattia, co-facilitator of the Deliciously Fabulous YOU Retreat. "Live your life big! Own your truth! We must embrace the knowledge that we deserve to live a life we love, one that supports who and what we are. We need to be willing to say, 'Yes! I choose me!'"

When women take the time to stop and look at their lives, acknowledge and accept what they have created and understand that they can still have it all at every age, a new sense of serenity surfaces. Her capacity to open up, face the fears she has been hiding behind and step out and into the life she wants becomes possible.

"Creating a safe space for her to speak out without judgment and providing a venue for her to learn new ways to express herself and her needs, wants and desires is a privilege for us to offer," says Jennifer S. Wilkov, co-facilitator of the Deliciously Fabulous YOU Retreat. "We recognize that as attendees take the helm of their lives, humanity and every life she touches thereafter will benefit."

The Deliciously Fabulous YOU Retreat will be held from Friday May 20th through Sunday, May 22nd, 2011, at 39 West 19th Street, 2nd Floor. Activities include indoor and outdoor experiences in and around Manhattan. A registration discount is offered prior to May 1st, 2011. For more information, please refer to http://deliciouslyfabulousyouretreat.eventbrite.com.

For interviews with Ms. Mattia and Ms. Wilkov, please contact Jennifer Alhasa at [email protected] or (646)593-8901.

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