City, ST, March 26, 2013 — Pole dancing isn’t just for strippers anymore. It has become the phenomenal new suburban exercise craze. Known to be an excellent form of workout for the arm, abs, leg, and cardiovascular system, pole dancing is known to create flexibility and strength in ways only rivaled by yoga and pilates. With the encouragement of the men in their lives, more and more women are looking for ways to learn pole dancing around their hectic schedules and in the privacy of their homes. Now this is possible with master pole instructor and performer Amber Starr’s online pole dancing course curriculum at

This is the system that teaches anyone pole dancing through private one on one instruction that will use over 100 step-by-step videos to help students get from beginner to expert in a short amount of time and without having to pay for lessons.

Women’s Health Magazine recommended the course as “A great way to exercise and have fun while learning pole dancing, all from the privacy of one’s home!”

Considered the most effective way to look and feel awesome, pole dancing is only going to grow in popularity as a form of exercise in the coming decade. After reviewing the best ways to teach students, Amber discovered quite a few ways that didn’t work that were frustrating students and discouraging them from continuing in what could be beneficial exercise programs enhancing their lives and building their confidence.

She put together this video program to teach students that includes over 100 step-by-step videos taught by three teachers and shot from multiple camera angles and views. Suitable for beginners and professionals, the videos teach 50 isolated moves, each visually demonstrated and verbally described, with on-screen visual aids, plus combinations that tie all the different moves together. The course also includes many extras and bonuses available for a limited time as well as a 60 day money back guarantee.

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