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Rose water is an anti aging ingredient of particular interest due to its skin conditioning abilities and antioxidant content. THAT Skin Careâ„¢ reports using it in their Hydrating Facial Cleanser for easy eye makeup removal and skin cleansing benefits.

Few people are familiar with the cabbage rose. While the name may sound funny, the extract derived from the leaves of this beautiful flower can be quite beneficial to the skin. In fact, its skin conditioning and protecting properties make botanical rose water a respected addition to natural skin and personal care products.

Anti aging beauty brand THAT Skin Careâ„¢ reports using rose water in its Hydrating Facial Cleanser. Known as Rosa Centifolia Flower Water to cosmetic formulators, rose water is believed to provide a number of benefits to the skin. According to the Environmental Working Group, a non-profit organization that rates products for safety and toxicity, rose water carries a very low hazard rating ( The rating of zero on a scale from zero to ten makes it extremely safe for use in skin care products.

“We are always looking at our ingredients for both safety and effectiveness,” said Cheryl Lynn, spokesperson for THAT Skin Careâ„¢. “Although visible results are ultimately what we all want from our skin care products, what’s the point if the formulas contain harmful ingredients that have the potential to cause problems in the future? We care about both the appearance and overall health of our customers,” explained Lynn.

There are many reported uses of rose water. Antioxidants make it a popular addition to anti aging skin products. Suitable for most any type of skin, the extract both soothes the skin and acts as an astringent. Sensitive skin types generally tolerate it well and may find that it helps to calm irritated skin.

According to Lynn, “Our facial cleanser is a favorite among customers. The combination of rose water, jojoba oil and other skin-friendly ingredients make it the perfect choice for removing eye makeup gently and thoroughly. It also cleans the entire face while leaving it soft and hydrated. It’s not common to find a moisturizing cleanser that doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily or greasy after using it. Our Hydrating Facial Cleanser ( is different, it’s really something special.”

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THAT Skin Careâ„¢ is an anti aging beauty brand that believes every woman deserves to be beautiful. Their Hydrating Facial Cleanser ( and other skin products are available at Amazon where they are sold exclusively by Radiant Health Naturals. All products are proudly made in the USA for safety and effectiveness.


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