It was reported that in the year 2002, a total number of 526,501 male who were between the ages 25-49 underwent vasectomies in the U.S.  Vasectomy, which is already popular in china and the U.S, seems to be the most preferred permanent contraceptive for men. Now, few vasectomy clinics are coming up in the U.K and Thames Valley Vasectomy Services is one of them, which provides no-scalpel vasectomy. With a CQC registration service, Dr. Kittel stated that he has performed more than 3000 vasectomies. Highly trained and certified, he performs his patient’s vasectomy personally.

Unlike conventional vasectomy, no-scalpel vasectomy uses a totally different technique. It has been proven scientifically that no-scalpel vasectomy is safe and result in less pain, bleeding, infection, and hematoma. A recent online study showed that physicians have been using the no-scalpel vasectomy technique since 2002.

Vasectomy is a surgical procedure for controlling men fertility permanently. It will only take about 30 minutes to perform vasectomy surgery. No-scalpel vasectomy is regarded to be simpler and less traumatic. It does not require any stitches or suturing. The no-scalpel vasectomy clinic reported that it only uses high quality equipment and keeps its patients record private and confidential. With a friendly and caring staff, it provides quick appointment and same day procedure. The clinic is located in Maidenhead, UK.

In conventional vasectomy, the tubes are interrupted and each tube is cut and stitched so that the sperm does not reach the semen. However, in no-scalpel, the doctor makes only one small opening and does not stitch, which heals quickly. This open ended procedure results in less discomfort and less bleeding. NVS which was invented by a Chinese doctor is now widely used in many countries and with time, equipments have been improving.

Like any other surgery, NVS can also cause some minor side effects like bleeding, infection, and bruising. It is reported that there can be 1% chances of vasectomy failure, however, Dr. Kittel assures that it can be sorted out. The price for a complete vasectomy treatment, which includes consultation, procedure, and semen sample, is 380.00 Euros VAT-free. Interested customers can call at 084522255775 and make an appointment. For more information please go to


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