LONDON, U.K., December 11, 2012 — As new business models and technologies emerge that allow for a wider variety of books to have e-book versions, more publishers like Thames & Hudson are integrating Ingram’s CoreSource platform into their distribution strategy to free-up time and resources for content creation.

“As e-book publishing for illustrated publishers accelerates, Ingram’s CoreSource platform gives us the tools we need to launch our program and reach more readers worldwide,” said Andrew Stanley, Deputy Head of Sales and Marketing, Thames & Hudson. “Creating the best content is at the heart of our business, and with Ingram’s comprehensive platform and established retail relationships, we can concentrate on content creation, and managing effective promotions and title support, while relying on a solid infrastructure.”

Thames & Hudson publishes approximately 180 new titles each year, and has a current backlist of over 2000 titles. The publisher specializes in illustrated books in the arts, archaeology and history, architecture, design, photography, travel, fashion, children’s and popular culture, and a variety of other visual interest areas. One of its best-known publishing ventures is the World of Art series, in which more than 200 titles have been published over the last 50 years. Thames & Hudson’s digital program will draw on its extensive knowledge of print and digital design to ensure that each of the subject areas it produces in digital form makes the most of the platforms on offer and is tailored to its international readership.

The company will begin distributing frontlist e-book titles through Ingram's CoreSource platform beginning in early, 2013. Thames & Hudson launched its e-book program with their much anticipated title The Rolling Stones: 50 (ISBN 9780500516249), curated by the band to celebrate their 50th anniversary. This official photographic autobiography was released as an enhanced e-book in October 2012. The publisher will add its popular backlist titles to the platform in stages.

“Our CoreSource platform helps publishers deliver more content to more readers in more formats,” said Marcus Woodburn, Vice President of Digital Products, Ingram Content Group. “We are pleased to be working with Thames & Hudson, providing them with the newest and most relevant solutions to help them bring their visually stunning titles to more readers and grow their business in the digital world.”

Ingram’s CoreSource platform is an easy to use, online solution for the storage, management, and distribution of digital content. The CoreSource platform provides a secure, searchable content repository and delivery system connected to the largest available network of retailers, library suppliers and other e-book providers, allowing publishers to move digital content easily and swiftly from their organization to any channel partner globally.

Thames & Hudson is one of the world’s leading publishers of illustrated books on art, architecture, design, and visual culture. With its headquarters in London, UK it has a sister company in New York and subsidiaries in Melbourne, Singapore and Hong Kong. It has been an independent, family-owned company since its founding in 1949. For more information visit

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