03 March 2016: Tha Holiday is a website that is dedicated to providing vital information that could be beneficial to travellers planning a trip to one of the many countries in Southeast Asia.

Some of the many countries included in ThaHoliday’s database includes Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines and many more. The blog is known for offering vital and essential information on a vast range of topics that are relevant to travel. Therefore, not only will one come across articles that explain all the essential items that one needs to check off their list when traveling to a certain Southeast Asian country but they’ll also get a complete and honest review on the various hotels that they can stay in.

In addition to this, they also have informative content on the food, festivals, important public holidays, and other such general and specific information to a particular country that can be very important when traveling.

ThaHoliday gives its readers a good mix of information that includes history, culture, food, geography, politics and health aspect of one’s travel so as to ensure that they’re well informed before they venture to their favorite Southeast Asian country.

ThaHoliday was founded in May 2012 by Chris to write about his favorite countries, Thailand and Singapore. However, the website soon gained an immense amount of popularity, which led to Chris including several more countries and staff writers to accommodate the interest and questions of its readers.

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