Education isn’t cheap for Boston University students. Books and supplies cost first-year students at Boston University approximately $1,000 on average for the 2012 to 2013 academic year, according to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). This is an increase of $60 from the previous academic year.

Since 1978, the cost of textbooks at universities has increased more than 800%, according to a study by the American Enterprise Institute. In contrast, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) has increased 250% from 1978. The increase in textbook prices is even more dramatic than the 550% increase in college tuition and fees from 1985.

According to NCES, Boston University students have seen an increase of 6.4% in the prices of textbooks and other supplies for the 2012 to 2013 academic year. Tuition and fees have increased 3.8% during the same time period. Tuition prices averaged $42,994 for full-time beginning college students during this time period. Room and board cost an additional $13,190 and additional expenses amounted to $1,916.

According to a study released in 2011 by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group, seven out of 10 students have refused to buy at least one textbook due to the high price. A majority of these students (78%) expected that the lack of a textbook would affect their grade.

One social media website is hoping to assist Boston University students with reducing the costs of college textbooks and supplies. Explorite is now offering Boston University classifieds for students

When browsing for used textbooks, students can search by ISBN, title, author or keyword. The website not only provides Boston University students with an easy way to find deals on textbooks but also provides a way for students to make money from their old books and supplies.

Explorite is a social marketplace for college students, which currently serves several schools in Massachusetts. The site originally launched in 2012 and was created by Adi Pellumbi, a computer science alumnus from Salem State University. The website originally focused solely on offering online college marketplace services for Pellumbi’s Alma Mater, but now Pellumbi is expanding the focus of the social marketplace to include other universities in the area. Boston University is the latest school to be added to Explorite’s network of universities.

Explorite offers several other services that may help Boston University save money and make some cash. The social marketplace allows students to buy and trade notes and other goods. Additionally, students can use the online marketplace to locate carpools, roommates, housing and employment opportunities.

Explorite organizes classified advertisements into five categories, including books, jobs, housing, events and miscellaneous advertisements. Searches can be filtered further by additional tags that allow students to search for items that are for sale, for swap or for free.

There is no cost to use Explorite and the company does not receive a commission on any sales. Listings expire after 15 days. Once a listing is expired, the student can relist the item for free.

Boston University, a four-year, private-not-for-profit research university, is the third school to be added to the online marketplace. Founded over 150 years ago, the university has two locations in Boston and serves approximately 33,000 undergraduate and graduate students. The school has 16 schools and colleges, 250 fields of study and nearly 100 study-abroad programs.

Explorite is an online marketplace service that currently serves students from Salem State University, Northeastern University and Boston University. For more information on Boston University classifieds for students please visit

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