According to online marketing experts, products based on relationship advices seem to be doing pretty well in the market. The recent success of Text Your Ex Back by Michael Fiore shows that people are easily attracted to books that helps them in solving their relationship problems. A recent survey that compared different relationship books rated Text Your Ex Back as no. 1 based on customer satisfaction, refund rate, total number of sales, and popularity.

Giving new hope to its readers, Text Your Ex Back helps people who are going through a painful breakup.  Here customers are taught how to take advantage of text messages through cell phones to get back with their ex husbands, wife, girlfriends and boyfriends. It is reported that it applies to even lesbians and gay couples who are separated. Some books give unattainable advice, which cannot be performed in real life. However, readers have shown their interest in Michael Fiore latest book. According to readers, this book provides a step by step lesson on how to text an ex and get him/her back. The author, popularly referred by his readers as the King of Romantic Texting says that he wrote this book after studying deeply on human psychology. He was also invited as a guest on the popular Rachel Ray TV interview show to talk about his book launch.

Text Your Ex Back content 11 modules and each module contains a pdf file, audio, and video. Michael point out that texting is the best way to get an ex back as it allows people to express their feelings directly without any hesitation. In the book, the author teaches reader to write a carefully crafted message after understanding the situation of the other couple.

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