Dallas, TX: This summer the Texas Energy market is heating up as the residents look for the lowest cost ways to stay cool. Texas has stayed at the forefront of freedom of choice. In the energy markets of Texas, largely electricity, the completion this freedom brings has helped spark better prices for the customers. 

The somewhat new and fast growing XOOM Energy has attacked the problem of reaching out to Texans in three unique ways. The most obvious way XOOM has made a name for itself in Texas in just 2 short years is on price. XOOM energy has made a commitment to customers who are living tight by offering a 3-5% off promo rate for the summer months. While not in e very market, this considerable discount is in most markets and quickly adds up to a free grocery trip to families that need it. 

The second way XOOM Energy has separated themselves from the pack is through renewable energy offerings. XOOM Energy works with The Climate Action Reserve to purchase Carbon Offsets, which fund domestic projects that reduce GHG emissions through credible market-based policies and solutions. For customers this means for pennies per month they can have a home that is carbon neutral. Customers looking to set an examples and do their part have been quickly drawn to this simple concept. By simplifying the clean energy concept for customers XOOM energy has shown the forward thinking that the Texas market demands. Details on the XOOM Energy clean initiative are at http://xoomgreen.com . 

The third way to set yourself apart is through exceptional customer service. XOOM energy has made a push to be more connected to the customers of Texas. Through social media, tradition support and bilingual website content XOOM energy has given the customer what they always demand in Texas, which is responsibility for our products. 

With over 12 major players in the Dallas, Houston, Galveston, Fort Worth and all other Texas energy markets XOOM energy has learned to balance the approach and stand out by offering the unique quality of completeness. 

Customers are quickly deciding that XOOM Energy appreciates the same things as those they serve. Standing out in Texas sometimes is more about fitting in with her people and their day-to-day needs. 

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