(Free Press Release) Test for HP Mini battery

The simple test of HP Mini 2133 battery
Let us take a look at this HP Mini 2133 battery life. From our point of view before the media coverage of such Internet features of this product is any time a free tour of the Internet. This function perfectly or not, is bound to need strong support of the power system. To this end, the HP Mini 2133 is equipped with a three-core 10.8V 28Wh lithium ion battery the life test results are as follows:
The final results, in the full-torn BatteryMark 4.0.1, the piece of the battery capacity of adhering to a moderate 73 minutes (in this test phase HP Mini 2133 to 70% of the screen from top to bottom, and power management in XP system on the all power-saving features of the option off). If the day-to-day use, can reduce the screen brightness, and then associated with energy-saving function of the operating system, I believe that this battery may last 100 minutes usage time, the same time the satellite A300 battery can work 250 minutes.
Evaluation of a line of the products are excellent, I believe that their long working hours under the state of the performance of body temperature can also be regarded as one of important criteria. After all, no one is willing to use a long period of time may be the Internet version, the body temperature to achieve the degree of fried eggs. To this end, the author carried out in the HP Mini 2133 battery life test, the use of the testo 825-T2 Infrared Thermometer their body temperature was tested (the testing process in the basic maintenance of the indoor temperature around 25 degrees Celsius ).
To the final testing results, HP Mini 2133 battery in the performance of body temperature can be used in this part of "disorder" to make an assessment. The main heat source is basically in the left side of the keyboard and the left side of the fuselage cooling air vents, under the late??inspection, the region where is the processor. VIA C7M processor so "hot" performance really let my accident. In addition, the HP Mini 2133 notebook cooling Apple Design and passive fanless cooling body has some similar, are relying on the most metal body heat away. Therefore, HP Mini 2133 in the use of process engineering plastic materials than other Internet users this will bring the feeling of heat battery.
Might see here, there will be readers to PC Mark05, 3D Mark06 Although the classic, but I do not know this will be the actual performance of the notebook is. You can not come to the actual point? OK, of course, no problem! The needs of readers, that is our goal. Next, I look for you to display the HP Mini 2133 HD video decoding ability.
Proficiency test in high-definition decoding of H.264 I selected encoding format, video resolution of 1280 × 720 specifications "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" to carry out the tests. As shown in the following screenshot, HP Mini 2133 in the performance tests can be described as barely passing. But its good sound, images can be synchronized, the screen is still a natural transition. During playback, HP Mini 2133 occupancy rate of the basic processors in about 90% of the entire process. Used as a VIA S3G UniChrome Pro II integrated GPU, system bus frequency is only 400MHz notebook, this performance is still talking about the past. HP Mini 2133 is HP addtion in netbook to support HP Pavilion DV1000,Pavilion DV3000, DV4000, DV4, DV5, DV7 As shown in game screenshot, HP Mini 2133 in the performance of the game is also still far from satisfactory. More than two games in high definition is not set up the premise, can smooth out the feeling. Perhaps this author is really some redundant tests, select Netbook "Internet of the" consumer products more convenient for a working or living conditions, most of them has been interested in the age of the game. However, I would like to express here is that, HP Mini 2133 in your spare time can also become a tool for your entertainment pleasure. Perhaps it is not strong enough performance, but occasionally or inadequate.
As HP's first ultra-portable mobile notebook, laptop battery HP carried on "with the most user needs for a wide range of mobile solutions," the commitment to "full-function ultra-portable + + the best experience" to meet the unique advantage of increasingly strong The ultra-portable mobile needs. Its elegant exterior design, whole weight of only 1.19Kg, measuring only 27mm (positive) × 255mm × 165mm, its concise and well anodic alumina shell design, while ensuring at the same time compact and durable machine can reduce the weight of ; in the main configuration, equipped with 1GB or 2GB of memory (only has one memory slot settings), Genuine Windows Vista Home operating system, as well as standard disk drives, can provide fairly good experience.