Since Tera introduced new maid outfit in the United States, it attracted the majority of U.S. service users, Korean Server has also updated the latest fashion: Pirate installed. Domineering exposed shape, full model of the Pirates of the Caribbean. The official also released for some videos. Since the announcement of the free South Korean online game TERA, the popularity has been rising in tandem, the government has also been introducing new content to boost the popularity, recently officially announced that the game will be the 18th new large-scale PVP battlefield. In addition, Recently, TERA in Korean also joined the pirate-themed fashion and welcomed by many players.

TERA in Korean will be held on the 18th to join 20vs20 new PVP mode for “gunfire battlefield”, this mode can manipulate the siege weapons such as tanks and airship. Artillery battlefield participates in grade 60, the player must use the system-supplied equipment for fighting, and all skill levels are automatically adjusted to the maximum. The battlefield carried out in such a manner as the two sides alternately attack and defense, victory conditions first destroy the enemy guard tower side. Players can also manipulate the airships, tanks and other siege props. In addition, the game also added a new fashion pirates installed.

EA’s online game Star Wars OL has been suffering since the transformation and free criticism, but according to EA recently released the third quarter showed a profit, although many players dissatisfaction with the system of the game, but the game is successful for more income. EA reported earnings, the company obtained through a free game system up to $ 185 million of additional revenue, mainly from the three games, such as FIFA 13, Madden Ultimate Team and Star Wars OL. At the beginning of this year, TERA formally made the transition from renewals online for Tera Gold . The game in February into free mode, the number of United States serving player base grew from 50 million to 140 million people.

Foreign game industry analysts said TERA bursting with popularity proved the charm of the free mode; it also makes us more confident that the future free mode will completely replace the monthly fee. If the domestic online games industry in 2012, the most anticipated two MMORPG, then the non Blade and Soul and TERA is none other than, the same is South Korea’s top two teams, the same is the strongest in the history of the screen, both from birth the outside world has been viewed as a life and death struggle, of course, wait until these two gluttonous feast in the year, but also player rare treat.

A few months ago, Blade and Soul has been demonstrated in front of the player, TERA agents has yet to be settled, the author had the honor of testing qualifications of the service station, taking advantage of the opportunities for secondary packaging and testing, I can not wait entry experience, which is worth mentioning that TERA, the client full 26G size, which can be described as the capacity of the monster in the game industry, from here you can foresee the quality of the game should not be underestimated. TERA will use the card fee system, so that on the balance of the game has been greatly guaranteed.

Compared to the Blade and Soul, which created a different style of ancient martial arts, Square sculpture, architecture or monsters, tera gold online gives a typical medieval fantasy style, both from the screen. It can be said that a draw. But perhaps the pursuit of TERA is the perfect kind of detail, skin reflective of the role is very strong, the lack of a sense of reality. TERA, the Blade and Soul also adopted a “no read” scene-switching technology, but the Blade and Soul will be a portal you are prompted to switch scenes, TERA , without any prompting, suddenly short Caton. Officially entered the game, TERA, the seven races for players to choose, each race has a unique appearance and dress temperament.

Racial selected there will be a variety of different occupations for players to choose and the occupation of all races are common, you can use a small LORI Wizard to hand gun shield when a human shield and you can use the tall and strong werewolf to use magic. Although this set is easier to meet the special preferences of the players, but also weakened the characteristics of the different “race” psychologically difficult to accept. C9 and TERA also provide a fairly detailed outline adjustment, including details of the nose, mouth, etc. they can be repeatedly adjusted, and this is a trend of Korean online games in recent years, by providing fine personalize scheduled to meet the aesthetic needs of different players.

The reason why the Blade and Soul and TERA is a pair of fate sworn enemy, not only because they also represent the highest level of the South Korean online, the operation of the game, but also they have the same purpose. Unlike the Blade and Soul, TERA in the way to get equipment is no longer a single, not only can do the task, but also has a wealth of equipment falling. TERA has the best picture in the current online impeccable performance in combat, explosion, hit, disco blood, magic, and so the results are portrayed perfectly.

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