Tensions soar High as Two of Delhi’s Raeeszaade escape from the Big Switch Camp!


~Watch the friendship and trust dwindle between the groups as emotions ride high in this episode~


This week’s episode will witness several twists and turns with Haneet paying for his awful deeds, two Delhicontestants running away, unexpected goodbyes and a grimy task! A not-so-good week for the Raeeszaade at the Big Switch Base Camp!

Subsequent to the last week’s ill-mannered behavior by Haneet, everything went out of control in the basecamp. There was an exchange of blows between Sukhwir and Haneet and Big Brother intervenes. He summons Ashley, the weakest performer to the termination zone. But Haneet, who faked illness the last time, has to face the music as Big Brother lashes out on him. Appalled by Haneet’s behavior and his unreasonable acts, the Big Brother asks him to leave the show.

Once Haneet leaves although there is certain calm in the basecamp but unrest seems to prevail in the Delhi tent. Just when the day had come to an end and everyone is ready to sleep, there is chaos and a lot of noise only to realize that something unexpected has happened. The members of Young Khalifas - Saloni and Ashley had run away.

Shocked and aghast, the rest of the contestants call it the nigh and look forward to their task day. Kajol, unsure of her fate, can make a difference only if the Showstoppers win the task. Keeping their ego aside, the Raeeszaade take up the challenge with a new vigor of winning the show. After so much happening, Big Brother surprises them after they reach the base camp to lighten up their mood.

After a fun and entertaining evening comes the time of nominations. Will the runaway Raeeszaade come back? Who will stay in the game? Who will leave the title behind after coming so far? All these questions will unfold as the episode reaches the end.



To find out tune in to Big Switch 4 this Sunday, 17th March 2013, at 7pm only on bindass!