Are you a talented tennis coach?  Do you possess the coaching skills to one day bring through the next Pete Sampras or Serena Williams?  If so, great but have you got the exposure required to bring in the volume of clients you need, to even survive as a tennis coach?

Tennis coaching in the US is a big market, with the majority of local clubs having more than one tennis coach available to it's members.  Therefore, the key to offering your services as a tennis coach, is to appeal to a market outside of the one at your local club.  There is one medium, that almost every adult and child uses on a daily basis and that's the internet.

People search the internet for anything and everything and tennis coaching is no different.  One of the best ways to become known as a tennis coach, is to have your own website, promoting yourself and your skills as a coach.  Fortunately, is here to help. makes having your own, personal tennis coaching website very straight forward.  Simply select one of the three packages that are available to start.  The great thing is, there are no huge upfront fees, which means anyone can choose a package, without having to spend thousands of dollars before the website is even created.  Each package comes with a range of fantastic benefits, such as videos, images and text, with the extra options of having a booking calendar and the opportunity to have changes made at any time.

The booking calendar, which is available on both the Booking and Gold packages, at just $50 per month, is a tremendous feature for a tennis coach to offer their clients.  It allows clients to book lessons with you, through your website and either pay online or at the court on the day.  The booking system is very easy to use and means that you could be receiving bookings, even as you sleep.

A website, really allows you to sell yourself as a coach.  Take full advantage of the videos and images, to showcase what you do.  If you do not have quality video or images, no need to worry, can help you with that too.  

The website designs are contemporary yet very easy to use, meaning that potential clients will be engaged with your website and much more likely to make a booking.

Do not just take our word for it, head over the website now at and take your tennis coaching career to the next level.

Wolfgang Gabler
vidFame, LLC
[email protected]