China, 07, May 2016: The use of light up costumes is becoming a common trend among men and women who want to create maximum sensation in night clubs and discotheques and other social events. These costumes arrive in various sizes and shapes and they are usually based on LED technology. There are many firms that supply LED costumes at competitive prices. Tem-laser Technology Co Ltd is one such company that is specialized in manufacturing and designing wide range of luminous costumes and props using the technology of LED. These mainly include luminous fiber optic products, theatrical costumes, ballroom costumes and many more. To know more, customers can log on to its website

The LED robot Costumes of the company can easily help professional dancers and DJs of nightclubs to easily impress the audience with stunning lighting effect. It will be quite hard for the ordinary eyes to distinctly identify the star attraction of the show as human being and will give the impression of that of a robotic figure. All these robot costumes arrive with built in lithium battery along with RF remote control. These costumes have been prepared with thorough eye on details and do not cause any inconvenience to the users while performing dancing and other physical actions in the stage.

Its LED Luminous Suit is a popular style statement among people of every age group. These suits thoroughly transform the appearance and personality of any individual with bright emission of LED light. These luminous clothes are shock proof and do not emit to inconvenience the users. Its e-commerce site mainly accepts payment through Western Union and bank wire transfer without compromising the privacy of the users. It uses the shipping option of EMS, DHL, FedEx etc with the delivery duration of about 2-4 days.

This company also comes with various luminous props that include Laser Gloves, glasses, helmets and many more. All its gloves products are entirely different from ordinary gloves and are exclusively for the purpose of creating special light effects in dark stages and auditoriums during any live performance and shows. Its violet blue laser gloves which arrive with adjustable straps are quite popular among the customers. It comes with rechargeable battery with two hour work times along with universal power adapter plug. Customers have the option of returning any ordered product within seven days of receiving the package. It also accepts return of products that are purchased from its affiliated platforms within the period of thirty days. The firm always works hard to provide clients the best product in the industry and for this reason always wants feedbacks from them.

About Tem-laser Technology Co Ltd

Tem-laser Technology Co Ltd is a professional manufacturer of LED costumes and props. In 2007 the firm has launched fiber optic fabric products along with EL and LED items. For details, viewers can log on its website.

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