Leading British newspaper The Telegraph recently published an online feature where they attempted to explain the continued success of rental villas in Tuscany amongst the holidaymaking crowd.

The article in question gave a number of reasons to explain the popularity of that Italian region among tourists from both Europe and overseas, ranging from the weather through to local culture and lifestyle. Food, drink, and architecture were some of the other reasons found by the feature writer to explain why so many foreigners rent villas in Tuscany each year.

Particular pride of place among these reasons is given to art. An entire paragraph of the feature is devoted to Florence and its myriad cultural and artistic delights, which the author of the piece claims the city ‘buckles under’. The town does not, however, simply live in the past, and the world-renowned Ferragamo shoe brand is just one example of what it has to offer to modern Western society.

Mention is also made of the many artistic influences and collections often found inside villas in Tuscany. A large portion of these homes is privately owned, and therefore visitors are often treated to an exclusive viewing of the host’s artistic taste and private collections.

Another point working in favour of Tuscany as a holiday destination, according to the author of this piece, is the gentle, sloped nature of its countryside, which lends itself perfectly to bike tours, treks and other active “outdoorsy” endeavours. A dip in the region’s many thermal springs or a glass of a good local vintage are also suggested.

The Telegraph’s feature goes on to offer a list of suggested providers and locations for each of its entries. The items on this list range from companies renting villas in Tuscany to biking tours or hotel accommodation, and seek to help tourists planning to visit the region.

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