(Free Press Release) Tekla Structures is the widely used Structural design and detailing software to substantially reduce time and improves efficiency throughout the production process.

At Outsourcing Steel Detailing firm we utilize a fully computerized 3D detailing system called Tekla Structures (previously X-Steel) for automated detailing structural steelwork.

Using Tekla Structures our draughtsman and detailers can produce a 3D model of the complete steel structure with all necessary information required for bidding, ordering & fabrication. All shop drawings, material lists and anchor-bolt lists can be generated automatically from the 3D model as per guidelines and specifications.

All the 3D Models created for design analysis can be shared across all other project disciplines which ensures consistency of data throughout the design team whilst saving time. Models can be transferred to and from other 3D modeling systems such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks and Microstation. This allows elimination of any potential errors and clashes thus saving cost.

Benefits of Tekla Structures in detailing process:

  • Precise Structural steel detailing
  • Up-to-date drawings
  • Core 3D models for effective Project management
  • Efficient Reporting and Material lists
  • Easy collaboration with other team members
  • Links to CNC machinery
  • Quicker turnaround time

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To discuss how Tekla can help you in your project email us at [email protected]

Our team of experienced X-steel detailers, Tekla draughtsman & 3D modelers provide high-quality Steel fabrication services. We accept sketches, design images, CAD files etc to deliver drawings in .plt, .pdf, .dwf, .dwg, .dxf, etc in compliance with standards like AISC, CISC, BS and ASTM or any other standard of your choice.

Website: http://www.outsourcingsteeldetailing.com