Angelhood, the first book by A.J. Cattpan, is a book focused on the increasing problem of teen suicide which will be released April 30.

Charleston, SC — The author is a Chicago area middle school teacher who mixes her careers as a teacher and author with her love of travel and has already been to many places which rank high on many bucket lists. She describes herself as a perpetual student, interested in almost everything, who set one of her goals as early as the eighth grade. When asked to write in the class yearbook what she thought her future profession would be, she wrote that she wanted to be an author of teen novels. Today A. J. says, “I don’t know how many of my classmates actually followed through on their plans, but mine seem to be working out”.

Angelhood is the story of Nanette, a seventeen-year-old whose plans for the future crashed and decided to take her own life. Instead of proceeding directly to receiving her wings as an Angel, she is stuck as a Guardian Angel for Vera, another young girl who is thinking of suicide. Nanette can earn her wings only if she convinces Vera life is worth living. One of Chicago’s beautiful basilicas, Our Lady of Sorrows, is featured in the story as A.J. believes there is no place like her hometown Chicago.

Her far-flung travel experiences include three trips to Italy, two to England, and a whirlwind bus tour of Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France. Last year A. J. visited Guatemala where she climbed ancient Mayan temples and ziplined high above the jungle canopy in the highlands of Southern Guatemala.

Back home she participates as a continuing student in her hometown Citizens’ Fire Academy and Citizens’ Police Academy. While doing that she learned to fire a revolver and found out her hand is too small to reach around and pull the trigger of a regular-sized revolver. She used that discovery while writing a scene for Angelhood, proving that life is all about learning and what you do with it.

Angelhood is available in paperback and ebook by Vinspire Publishing, Ladsdon, South Carolina. To learn more, visit

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