Ted L. Nancy last person in America to put up website.

Los Angeles, CA, October 09, 2009 -- Ted L. Nancy last person in America to put up website.

www.TedLNancy.com. No one‘s been waiting for it! No one‘s been asking for it! But Ted L. Nancy put it up anyway. He is defeated. He is a broken man. He is the last person to put up a website. His website‘s even after the “Turn Your Trash Into Trash” website. How‘s that for last? Huh?

Ted L. Nancy, author of the best selling “Letters From A Nut” books amongst others, has the Official Ted L. Nancy Website up and running. (For all your Ted L. Nancy needs)

So why did Mr. Nancy finally put up a website? His Norwegian-American attorney Eric Bjorgum explains for two good reasons.

One to have a place he can write more regularly. Ted likes to write and people seem to like his writing. So you‘ll see all his books and new material, drawings, lots of Ted stuff.

And two, as Ted says on his website...

“I have noticed over the years that there are quite a few people claiming to be me. I have seen my name just about everywhere on the Internet. On Myspace, Facebook, You Tube. I have seen a Canadian Ted L. Nancy, a Rabbi Ted L. Nancy. I have seen my name signed to so many message and blog sites that I honestly lost count. Believe me this is not imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

So Ted wants to set the record straight here. Once and for all. As he explains to me (his Norwegian-American Attorney):

“I have never been on Myspace, Facebook, You Tube and, of course, I have never been on Funny Or Die.

“I have never given Mercedes Benz advice. I am not a Dedicated MacNNer or on any Apple websites. I have no organizations for people to join. No societies, associations, and of course, I have no clubs. I ask no one to submit videos. I do not play comedy clubs. I have no comedy club DVD‘s for sale. If you want to find my books on Amazon they are under Ted L. Nancy or Jerry Seinfeld.”

So...that‘s why Ted put up his website. If you think you are on another Ted L. Nancy website -- you are not! This is the official website. Accept no imitations. (Except in fake crab food - which is dee-licious) Please stop by often. You can even send Ted a message.

Ted L. Nancy® is a registered trademark of Barry Marder. For any inquiries contact Eric Bjorgum at 626-390-8656

Mr. Eric Bjorgum
Ted L. Nancy®
Los Angeles, CA
[email protected]

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