When technology invades the bedroom, people’s sleep suffer, according to a recent study done by National Sleep Foundation. However, experts said there is one technological wonder that promotes comfort and uninterrupted sleep: the Microfiber bed sheets.

The National Sleep Foundation, a foundation dedicated to improving health and well-being through sleep education and advocacy, warned about the use of modern day gadgets before going to sleep.

“There is robust scientific data documenting the role of light in promoting wakefulness,” the Foundation said, discussing how lights from electronic gadgets can prevent people from falling asleep. In nature, people learn to distinguish the time of day by the amount of light outside. People naturally wake up during the day and sleep during the night. However, recent studies show that even the lights of electronic gadgets can have similar effect on the body and people’s sleeping behavior.

The National Sleep Foundations warned against the use of technology at least 30 minutes before going to bed.

Sleep experts agreed to stop using electronic gadgets and instead encouraged people to utilize a much better technological wonder that will help promote longer, comfortable, and uninterrupted sleep. That technological wonder is the microfiber sheet.

Microfiber sheets are the newest advancement in sleep science to date. Known for its softness and other added benefits, these bed sheets are recommended by sleep experts.

This week, My Perfect Nights launched their latest collection of comfortable set of microfiber sheets in Amazon - the SIX PIECE Microfiber QUEEN Size Bed Sheet Set Ultra Soft Luxury White Extra Deep.

Made from a blend of durable but ultra-soft cotton fabrics, the SIX PIECE Microfiber QUEEN Size Bed Sheet Set was made to elevate the level of comfort in the bedroom.

It is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, so people with hypersensitivities and allergies such as babies, children and others can have a good night sleep without ever worrying about sneezing or itchy rashes.

Machine washable and resistant to wrinkles, pilling and stains, the SIX PIECE Microfiber QUEEN Size Bed Sheet Set is easy to clean. It also stays looking crisp and neat and does not require extra ironing.
The SIX PIECE Microfiber QUEEN Size Bed Sheet Set also comes with four pillow cases and Best in the Business 10 year Warranty!

Experts have basically banned all technologies from the bed room, except for this one. Take advantage of the latest development in comfort, get the SIX PIECE Microfiber QUEEN Size Bed Sheets Set in Amazon today.
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