If you want Team National reviews, if you want to understand the TRUTH about what Team National is and what it isn't, I will reveal to you in depth from an insider's point of view - somebody who's really been involved using the business, with more than 12 years of expertise in the industry - the ins and out of Team National.

Team National Reviews - The Business

Team National is a debt-free mlm advertising business (or MLM home business) founded in 1997 by Dick Loehr (originally it was just a direct promoting company). Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Team National is a legitimate business as evidenced by their numerous designations and associations: members from the Direct Selling Association (DSA), a Registered Member of Dunn & Bradsteet (D&B), a Member of the US Chamber of Commerce and a Member of the Better Company Bureau of Southeast Florida (BBB), with strong endorsements from people like best selling author & leadership development coach John Maxwell, among others. Since 1997, total membership and product sales are approaching $1 billion.

Team National Products

While most MLM home business companies market a product or service to generate revenue, Team National is different in that it markets a membership, saving people money on a wide variety of products and services in more than 20 different industries. This provides an unique promoting proposition that helps them stand out within the market and capitalize on a growing trend of cutting costs and saving cash.

The idea behind developing a company to provide benefits and services came as Dick envisioned a residual income business program allowing anyone who owns a membership package to enjoy similar discount buying power as a Fortune 500 business. Starting with only a few basic discounts - savings on oil changes and new car purchases - this MLM home business business now offers substantial savings on everything from small everyday items to larger once-in-a-while type items.

They split up the savings into 4 different sectors:

Factory Direct (savings for cutting out the middle man)
Group Buying Power (savings due to volume)
Business Exchange (savings on local businesses)
E-Commerce (savings for online shopping)

Team National Reviews - The MLM Home Business Opportunity

Although Team National's membership program clearly demonstrates great value and is rather unique in the business, distributors - or IMDs (Independent Advertising Directors) as they're referred to in Team National - who focus primarily on selling the membership or aspects from the membership in order to get sales will not make much cash with Team National.

As with any MLM home business, residual income business or internet home based company, creating a long-term, thriving, walk-away residual income requires leverage within the form of team building. By building teams, you're able to leverage your efforts, time, resources and energy to get not just a few membership packages purchased, but rather to get hundreds and thousands of memberships purchased through your network or team from which you receive your override so-to-speak (just like a real estate or insurance broker receives an "override" on the sales of their agents).

The optional earnings or compensation plan Team National offers is also one of the better ones in the business due to the amount of cash Team National pays out. This is because the business pays out 72% from the memberships back to the Independent Marketing Directors within the form of commissions and bonuses with their hybrid binary structure.

This unusually high compensation amount is due to the fact that there is no product markup or profit margin added onto the price of the membership. The membership value comes from the large volume of Team National members which enables the business to negotiate these savings based on the group's high-volume buying power (similar to a co-op). Each new membership sold doesn't really incur any direct cost to the company (as opposed to businesses that are primarily product-based which obviously incur the cost of producing, manufacturing and shipping the products they market). This again is one main advantage Team National has over its rivals within the industry.

Team National Reviews: Highlights of the Team National MLM House Company compensation plan:

As discussed previously, the Team National business model as with most network advertising companies, pays out the most for those who build teams (which in turn gets more memberships, aka Team National products, purchased). Using their hybrid-binary structure, Team National pays out between $25-$100 for every membership sale. In addition, Team National has created a points system where on average 4 membership sales in each leg of the binary will produce a $1,500 check as often as weekly.

This is strong compensation and as your team grows you can earn additional legs (paycenters they call them) which each pays out an additional $2,500 when on average 4 sales are made on each from the paycenter's 2 legs. In addition, they offer a $1,000 hosting bonus for each person you refer to the business every time that person receives a $1,500 check for the membership sales in their (your) organization. This can add up to substantial income for the serious business builder.

Again, it is crucial that Team National IMDs focus on leveraging their efforts through team building rather than putting on a salesman hat and trying to solely sell memberships. When you compare $25-$100 a sale to even $1,500 a week for virtually the same effort through team building it becomes rather obvious.

Team National Reviews: So how does someone in Team National go about building a team?

Again, you can follow the outdated, archaic advice of just talking to people you know until you burn through your warm market and join the NFL (No Friends/Family Left club but you wouldn't be searching for Team National reviews if that was the case, right?), or you can work smarter and leverage the power of the internet to help you find and sort through more qualified prospects all across the country to help you build a thriving, highly profitable organization of Team National IMDs.

(Side note: your upline will surely tell you it can't be done, the only way to do the company is using "the baseball" system, putting people on conference calls. And yet here you are, like so many others who also are tired of struggling to find qualified prospects, searching for a better way. If after this Team National reviews you are ready to learn that better way, to learn the secrets to creating residual income and true freedom...)

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