Austin, TX — The Children’s Project International (TCPI) praises nationwide school assessment showing great need for investment in Libyan education sector. Some 40 percent of the schools in Libya were damaged in the 2011 revolution according to a report released by the Ministry of Education (MoE) and UNICEF. These findings are based on a recent nationwide school assessment conducted by the MoE and UNICEF, which for the first time has given the Ministry a complete overview of the exact state of all schools in the country.

The assessment was conducted by a team of over 300 MoE staff who visited a total of 4,800 schools collecting comprehensive baseline data on a range of indicators. They systematically recorded data on the state of education facilities and materials, water sanitation and hygiene facilities, provision for children with special needs, and protection and safety related issues. The assessment was supported by GPS technology to add further dimensions to the analysis.

“TCPI congratulates the Ministry of Education and UNICEF for having successfully completed this massive operation,” said Raj Luhar, TCPI Chief Executive Officer. “It is a great achievement to have this detailed information on all schools, and we hope the data will be used to target interventions that will improve the learning environment for all children, including those with disabilities.”

The assessment was also supported by the Russian Federation, the Government of Australia, the Kingdom of Sweden, the Government of Poland, and the European Union.

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