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December 28, 2015 — Frank Ellis, a published author and tax expert, has launched a new article at that answers five common tax questions for 2016. As tax season fast approaches, there are questions that are frequently asked by taxpayers. The answers to these can be found with expert advice online.

First, Ellis covers the documents needed to do taxes. The W-2 form, from employers, and 1099 INT form from the bank are two common forms mentioned. He also covers important information such as social security numbers and charitable contributions. Some people ask if they need to file even if they didn’t earn a lot of money. Filing is still recommended, even for those who make under $10,000, and Ellis also reveals refundable tax credits may be an advantage.

The author also answers questions related to claiming dependents. In addition to children, one can claim elderly parents and other relatives if certain requirements are met. Doing so reduces tax liability and allows for a deduction of up to $3,900 for each person.

Other questions addressed include tax deductions and credits for parents. Listed are the Child and dependent care tax credit, earned income credit, and child tax credit. Tax benefits for college students are also explained. The IRS offers credits and deductions to help offset the costs of college, including the American Opportunity Tax Credit and Lifetime Learning Credit. A tuition and fees deduction is also available.

Lastly, Ellis goes through the benefits of filing taxes online. Links to H&R Block and TurboTax are provided here and the author explains how one can receive a larger refund and how to find their W-2 information and automatically imported into their tax return. He also links to a free tax refund calculator.

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