An article now posted on walks readers through two effective websites for calculating tax refunds quickly.

May 30, 2016 — Frank Ellis, a tax preparation expert and author, has published an article on that introduces two websites people can visit for calculating their refunds for the next tax season. He reveals the idea of this helping with planning and the availability of a real number to guide this process.

The first website discussed in the article is the H&R Block online calculator. This company has been in the tax field since 1955, the author says, and started by offering high interest loans. Its loan programs have long been discontinued, but Ellis says they have built their business around helping people see in advance what their tax refunds might be and helping them prepare their tax returns. A link to the company’s tax refund calculator is provided.

In addition, the TurboTax online calculator is explained in detail. Ellis says many people rely on this company to have their income taxes prepared and filed. He says the tool is user friendly and links to the actual tax refund calculator so readers can get started right away. The graphics and sliders on the interface are explained, while the author also points out withholdings will have to be estimated to get the most accurate estimate.

Another section explains the facts about the refund schedule. An IRS refund, the author says, is based on a set of cycle dates which he links to. Electronic filing with direct deposit leads to the fastest arrival time, but paper checks take a bit longer. The article also provides a link to the IRS’s tool for tracking the progress of a tax refund. It explains what information one needs to enter in order to see an estimated refund release date.

In closing, the author provides the two calculator links again and says how long the IRS says taxpayers have to wait on average for their refunds. It’s also stated that changing credits and federal income tax brackets can impact the size of refunds.

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