London — All too often young men forget about the permanence of their first tattoo. Impulsive decisions lead to a lifetime of regret as these young men grow older and realize the black snake they get in their 20s looks like a sick worm in their 50s. is a new website that has Tattoo ideas for men.

The site is operated by Leigh Adams, a man with his own history with bad tattoos. After getting a couple of black panther tattoos that did not age well, Leigh made the decision to get his tattoos made into something else. After going through the process he began to think that other men might have some of the same issues with choosing a lasting tattoo design. shows a very large selection of tattoos that Leigh has collected. The selection demonstrates what styles of tattoos are available and also the potential tattooee to know the difference between a tribal and a Horiyoshi design before going to the tattoo parlor.

On the subject of first tattoos, Leigh gives some advice. First tattoos should be small. The process is painful and it is better to have a small tattoo than a large one just in case the tattooee finds they are unsatisfied with the process. Next, he advises that tattooees should not get a cheap tattoo because that is all they can afford. He makes it clear that it is better to wait for a tattoo you love than to get a tattoo because it fits your budget. Finally, allow the tattoo to heal so it does not crack.

With the advice and the tattoo designs, Leigh Adams gives the first time tattooee some insight into the process and the potential outcome. With his help many young men will be able to avoid the lifetime of embarrassment that a terrible tattoo can bring.

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