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Besides Make in India initiative,

Tata Hitachi Launches the ‘SUPER’ mini marvel

Bangalore: Tata Hitachi’s GlobalInitiative,the ZAXIS GI Series Hydraulic Excavators are being showcased at EXCON 2015 in tune with ‘Make in India’ Initiative. With the launch of the ZAXIS GI series,  the Indian construction scenario would take a quantum leap into a new dimension of excavation work in Mining and Infrastructure sectors. As a corollary to this, The Zaxis GI series of Excavators will mark the beginning of a new era for Tata Hitachi as this range will cater to the Indian as well as the global construction equipment markets through exports as part of our overall Make in India program.


TATA HITACHI, being Hydraulic Excavators, they also pioneered the compact excavator segment in India, with the introduction of TMX20 in the year 1999. TMX20, the only mini excavator of 2 tons operating weight, designed and manufactured in India, is successfully working in a variety of applications across the length and breadth of this country with a cumulative population of around 2000 units. And now, with a host of value added contemporary features and upgrades, the new Super series of TMX20, was launched at EXCON 2015. Some of the hall marks of this new, improved MINI MARVEL include,

Speaking on the occasionMr. Sandeep Singh, Managing Director — Tata Hitachi, said While passion for customer and production excellence will continue to be our driving force, we will strive to become a truly global manufacturing and development hub apart from excelling in the domestic arena.


He also added,While passion for customer and production excellence will continue to be our driving force, we will strive to become a truly global manufacturing and development hub apart from excelling in the domestic arena.


The new ZAXIS GI series from Tata Hitachi has taken the excavator technology to the next level through its features and offerings.HIOS-III (Human & Intelligent Operation System), which is the latest in Hydraulic Technology offering from Hitachi across the globe, coupled with a powerful engine, not only delivers higher production in tight job schedules, but also improves fuel efficiency by 10%. Features such as Auto Idle, Power Modes, Work Modes and longer change intervals of consumables enable the customers in achieving significant savings in operating costs.


ZAXIS GI series features such as on board ICX (Data Controller) and Global e- service, enable data downloads, machine location identification and machine maintenance and performance monitoring by the customer. However, what puts Zaxis GI series ahead of its contemporaries is ConSite - Next-generation service solution utilizing ICT. ConSite closely monitors machines’ operational status and alarms, ensuring the customer have optimally tuned machines to meet their specific needs by sending monthly operational reports and notifying emergency alarms via email.


Superior Hydraulics -Load independent flow control allows easy, smooth combined operations…

Unparalleled Versatility - Boom swivel, Dozer blade attachment, and a variety of bucket options…

Power Optimisation - Economy & Power Mode indicator labels, enabling operator to set the throttle lever in the right power band

Efficiency Boosters — Ergonomically designed operator station, improved aesthetics, and all new operator seat with weight adjustment, Seat belt for Operator’s Safety, metallic canopy …

Furthermore, these machines give customers an opportunity to work in compact areas where traditional machines can’t work. It is designed for Quality, Comfort, Safety, Reliability and Durability. The machine is designed to work in various rural applications like Sand Loading, Land Development, Rural Roads, River Bed Excavation, Tractor Trolley Loading, Minor Excavation, Drip Irrigation Channels, Farm Bund Formation, PMGSY Rural Roads, Brick Kilns, Tree Uprooting and various urban applications like Municipal Application, Building Foundation, Construction Sites, Loading at Crushers, Mini Excavation Jobs, Demolition, Road Widening, Solid Waste Handling, Truck Unloading, Solar Panel Foundation, Dump yard, Tunneling.

Data report service - Lets customers visualize operational status of machines and monitor machines day to day operation status in order to maintain optimum efficiency and performance.

Alarm report — If the machines alarm goes off and the problem requires urgent attention to the prevent downtime, an emergency alarm report will be sent to the registered email address.

Monthly report — A detailed report of the operational status for each machine will be sent to the registered email address on a monthly basis.


Mr. Shin Nakajima, Director (Sales, Marketing & Customer Support) said “We are taking rapid strides to contribute towards the growth of the Indian Construction Equipment and Mining Industry and our endeavor shall be total customer satisfaction at all times.”


Tata Hitachi is the leader in the Indian hydraulic excavator market, with a range that straddles the diverse requirements of the customer. While the ZAXIS GI series excavators address the cutting edge technology segment, the popular EX Super series is widely accepted in the market for cost effectiveness, easy maintainability and low operating costs. Hitachi’s original Optimum Hydraulic System, at the core of the EX Super series allows for easy, smooth and swift combined operations which translate into a superior machine performance. Advanced features such as the Fuel Saving Pump System and Cross-Sensing Summation System help in higher working speeds.

The EX Super sports a new and ergonomically designed roomy cabin amongst a host of aesthetic design features which help in boosting the efficiency of the operators.

Mr. A Krishnakumar, VP (Sales & Customer Support) said “We are committed towards customer excellence and shall strive to meet their expectations at all times”.

Powered by the reliable and fuel efficient engines EX Super series , now comes equipped with the Power Mode selection feature which makes optimum use of the engine horsepower. Depending on the job, operator can suitably select the mode to match the need resulting in fuel savings. Further, contemporary feature enhancements such as the Auto Idle and Auto Deceleration which provide an increased saving in fuel, thereby lowering customer’s operational costs.

CSR Activities

The Operator Training School at Kharagpur rests on the twin pillars of Innovation and Creativity. The idea behind setting up of this Training Center is to offer skill training to the rural youth in order to provide then with employment opportunities and thereby creating a talent pool of trained operators for the earth moving industry. It is an innovative matrix which involves our customers, dealers, colleagues ,and the communities around our plant site which works in unison from the time the trainees are selected to the time they are able to find a proper placement. It rests on a creative platform involving modern teaching methods, creative classroom and tool room sessions, computer literacy programs etc which helps a discerning customer, dealer or a large infrastructure company source its operators from our Center duly certified by us. Further more we have been able to create an unique hub and spoke model with the Kharagpur Center as the main hub while the Center at our plant in Dharwad, Karnataka emerging as the spoke for the initiative. These creative pursuits have excited our students to contribute brilliantly at all academic sessions and at the same time to think laterally and to offer solutions which are way beyond the ordinary.

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