Izhaar-e-Ishq is the newest Hindi album by Tariq scheduled to be released this May with 5 tracks including one instrumental on love.

INDIA (MAY 13, 2016): Izhaar-e-Ishq by Tariq is scheduled for release by the end of May’16. The album features love songs, which are designed to propose love. Izhaar-e-Ishq is a song album of Hindi songs, and all these songs are made to declare the feelings of love. These songs are to reveal the feelings of love and the realization of love which goes with the name of the album too, which means revelation of love.

There are 5 tracks in the album, and among them one is an instrumental track. Besides this track, the rest 4 are written by the lyricist Yashdeep Kaushik. The instrumental track which is the last track of the album has been made in the form of the R&B genre. The initial introductory release of the album was done on 20th March’16 in Faridabad in India, and this day was specially selected as this is the international day of Happiness.

The singers who did the playbacks for the songs are South Indian singers Srisha and Yazin. Srisha is the famous singer who won the Airtel super singer fame. The various locations where the songs were recorded are Chennai, Bangalore and Riyadh. The album has songs for all human feelings which are overcome in love, like passion, desperation, loneliness, and various emotions. Together with these emotionally loaded tracks and the instrumental, the 5 track album is ready for release by the end of this month.

The maker of Izhaar-e-Ishq, Tariq, who is a 25 year old composer and singer have originated from Puttalam in Sri Lanka, and made his debut in 2014through his instrumental track. After this he recorded another English song with a Mexican artist in 2015. His first track was shown world wide in digital music. More information about the artist sand singers and the album are available on the official album link, http://www.deezer.com/album/12992474

About Tariq:
The artist Tariq is an origin of Sri Lanka, and has already recorded his instrumental track in 2014 and then again another English song in 2015. This time he has recorded a Hindi album named Izhaar-e-Ishq.

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Album Link: >http://www.deezer.com/album/12992474

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