La Jolla, CA - Life Force Connection takes pride in announcing that they will soon be conducting The Free Intuition to Income Global Summit for inspiring greatness in people. They add that people can learn how to follow their intuition to increase their income. They urge interested people to get their complimentary pass now by visiting . Live Interviews of 21 experts in the field will start on June 30th, 2014.

According to Intuition to income, most business owners wrack their brains to “figure out” how to make more money. They analyze all options for having the ideas and carefully try to calculate which has the best chance of succeeding. Intuition to income points out how unfortunately, these people do not succeed in their efforts and so, get frustrated. When the income does not come in as they plan, they lose confidence in themselves. assertively says that there is a much better, easier and a more fun way to build a lucrative business that can change lives and that is to follow their intuition.

They add that intuition is the way soul, that is the eternal piece of humans that is connected to everything and everyone in the universe, speaks to the humans. They point out how amazingly the soul already knows what to do.

So, if people learn to listen to, trust and follow the guidance their intuition gives, it will lead them step-by-step, moment-by-moment to the right contacts, resources, actions and inspirations that will help them create the life they dream of and the life they are meant to live. says that this is precisely the reason they created this Free Global Online Summit known as Intuition to Income. The summit will be starting on June 30th and it will be a 21-day online summit to teach people as to how to harness the incredible power of their intuition to easily and joyfully create more income.

Intuition To Income proudly points out that this summit will be featuring a faculty of entrepreneurs from around the world who are global intuitive experts and who have learned how to tap into and follow their intuition to create rewarding and lucrative businesses. Those who take part in the summit will get access to a new interview every day on all the 21 days, says Intuition To Income

They emphatically say that by listening to the interviews at a leisurely pace, people can soak up the energy and start to implement the proven strategies these entrepreneurs have adopted to succeed. In short, the summit is meant to support people on their soul path, says Intuition To Income

About Intuition To Income Of Life Force Connection Of Life Force Connection is a free global online summit for inspiring greatness in people. The summit will consist of live interviews with entrepreneurs from around the world who are global intuitive experts and who have learned how to tap into and follow their intuition. People can listen to these interviews and start to implement the proven strategies of these entrepreneurs in their everyday lives.

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