and Dishank Arora suffer severe burns on the sets of JiJi Maa


Dishank Arora and Tanvi Dogra, the lead actors of Star Bharat’s show JiJi Maa, had to shoot for a sequence where they both jumped into the pool where Suyyash saves Phalguni from drowning. However an unexpected mishap occurred during the shoot leaving Dishank, Tanvi, a technician and a fight master suffer severe burns due to the high quantity of chlorine in the water.


Asking about the current situation, Dishank said, “My upper body, including the face, is burnt. The condition is very bad and I will take a month to recover. I really had no idea that high levels of chlorine in water can create such an adverse reaction. Thankfully, my eyes have no other problem. Tanvi is also going through the same problem right now. Both of them got affected with the chlorine in water. My mom was in tears seeing my condition. But I am glad that the new skin has started to grow now. Our production house has been really co-operative, and we are glad that we have a good bank of episodes shot.”