For those who are thinking of finding a nice fun city to move to with a great climate where could be nicer than Tallahassee in the great state of Florida. Tallahassee is a small city of less than 200,000 as of 2010 census and yet is the state capital and has many unique characteristics.

Not the least of these unique features is the neighborhood. There are over 1,800 neighborhoods in Tallahassee and the folk within these neighborhoods strive to be communities looking out for each other. This is one of the major charms of the city. The neighborhoods also tend to determine the value of the real estate within them so, unless you are familiar with Tallahassee one needs a guide to understand and decide on which neighborhoods would best suit you. Tallahassee MLS is very well set up to guide you on the suitability, affordability and the values of the homes for sale in Tallahassee within each neighborhood. The website has been laid out with articles about the neighborhoods which will enable you to decide on the possibilities before you even set out.

Because this is a real estate website there are homes for sale listed in each of the webpages you visit as well as an alphabetical listing enabling you to rapidly read about the neighborhoods you have heard about or being recommended. The most popular neighborhoods as far as property movement is concerned are as follows: Bull Run, Killearn Lakes Plantation, Killearn Estates, Southwood, Golden Eagle Plantation, Weems Plantation and Betton Hills.

There is a link on the website giving more details of each neighborhood. For example it will tell you that most of the homes in Bull Run on the market are newly built so it is a developing area, while in Southwood is experiencing a slum in the process being fetched. There have also been a number of distressed sales in the area. During the tough economic times being experienced there have been a number foreclosures and short sales where the seller has accepted an offer below the outstanding balance on the mortgage. These are worth watching as fantastic bargains are to be found where, for example, homes that were listed for over $100,000 may be bought from the lender for as little as $35,000. A discount of up to 75% of the outstanding amount and obviously a big loss for the lender.

Tallahassee is the state capital and the Capitol building is one of the relatively few tall buildings is Tallahassee, most being less than 10 floors. It is also a students city with Florida State University as well as Florida A&M University as well as numerous other Colleges, high schools and with its warm Southern climate and proximity to the Gulf and the ease of travel to the panhandle it is an Ideal position to have all the advantages of living in Florida without the crowds and pressure of holiday makers during the long summer season.

If you are interested in Tallahassee then check out the Tallahassee Realtors website and give a call.

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