Every flooring option on the market today comes with pros and cons, to help you make the best and most beneficial choice for your home be sure to research your favorites thoroughly, otherwise you could end up making costly mistakes. Take the time to find out all the good and bad that comes with your favorites. Compare these different materials to one another before you buy. Ultimately this will help you to decide which one best fits your needs as well as our wants.


For instance, is a warm comfortable floor beneath your feet at the top of your list. Well that certainly cuts out stone, ceramic tile and several hardwood floors. Carpet seems to be the only contender, unless you look to cork flooring. Cork is naturally warm and its cellular structure makes it soft, almost cushiony beneath your feet. Cork is a comfortable solution for your feet that can cover the entire surface of a house. So look to this eco friendly flooring solution and see all the other benefits it will bring.


Price of course is another consideration, but also consider that without proper care any floor that may have started out cheap can turn into a nightmare later on. Balance this with a good floor from the start, that receives proper maintenance, and you will have beauty and durability for decades to come. Cork floors are an eco friendly flooring option that are comparable in price to hardwood floors, but treated as a wise investment overall, when seen in terms of years, can bring greater returns to balance the original cost.


A cork floor is so comfortable because its cellular structure is made up of millions upon millions of air pockets, like memory foam it compresses and feels amazing every time you step on it. Your feet will experience far less stress while you walk around the house barefoot.


Due to this ability, it is best to protect a cork floor from heavy or sharp furniture. Protective pads can be used under the legs of furniture. This is going to prevent them from causing indentations on the surface of the floor and you will be able to keep it looking like new for a long time to come as well.


Cleaning a cork floor is quite easy. Sweep/vacuum to remove debris and damp mop without any abrasive cleaners as harsh chemicals can damage the varnish. Do not wax the floor. Regular maintenance will help to keep the floors in good shape. If you want to ensure your eco friendly flooring option is going to last, you should also apply a new coat of varnish every 3 to 7 years.


For further information, advice and tips on how to keep your cork floor looking great, visit icorkfloor.com. We have several articles on the subject and also have knowledgeable staff available to answer any of your questions or concerns.

Eco friendly flooring solutions come with their own challenges. If you want to enjoy a  cork floor for a long time to come, you have to consider all the advice you have found here. If you need more tips for this, you should visit the site named before and you will find all the details you can use.