To prevent fraudulent activities in healthcare research industry Q One Tech, in association with OMR Globus, launches a free tool, CheckHCP, that helps to detect and eradicate these activities.

The healthcare research industry is experiencing increasing levels of attempted fraud. Whereas once there would be an occasional respondent trying their luck, there are now organized and sophisticated groups and individuals, often based in emerging markets, attempting to join online panels and communities and producing fraudulent responses on an industrial scale. Any fraudulent response that slips through the net can potentially cost the healthcare industry millions of dollars in skewed research, as well as damaging the reputation of the healthcare research community as a whole. Q One Tech, in association with OMR Globus, has developed a free tool,, to help detect and eradicate these activities.

Research has shown that the standard industry tools, such as IP geo-location blockers are no longer effective against these sophisticated impostors. This is why Q One Tech has created a unique 12-point scoring system to help identify these individuals and threats before they can strike. It is based on many separate factors, including verification of medical certificates / phone or face to face verification, history of disqualification from previous studies, evidence of regularly changing profile information, IP geo-location combined with detection of web proxies, rapid withdrawal of honoraria, SMS verification etc. No single test is sufficient by itself, but when combined with all the others a much clearer picture emerges.

Q One Tech uses a combination of industry sources, OMR Globus panels, historical data and information from partners who have agreed to share their experiences. Q One Tech and OMR Globus have already conducted a series of tests and the initial results have shown groups of panel members using high anonymity web proxies to mask their real country of residence together with a range of other suspicious activities.

The initiative here is to show it is not enough to just make our own defenses stronger but rather we needed to open our system to the business community as a whole in order to stop these offenders in their tracks, thus was created as a free tool for the research industry and panel companies. The aim is to encourage other panel companies to use the platform and share their own anonymised respondent verification data to grow into an industry standard and verification platform.

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