United Kingdom, June 18, 2014: Scientific research has revealed that information collected in the form of audio-visual is memorised quickly and lasts longest with relatively greater degree of accuracy. Audio-visual events have become common especially in business sector since the corporate organisations want to maximise the efficiency of resources and profitability. Video-conferences, infomercials, training videos, etc. are being increasing used in the business sector. Take One Business Communication Limited is one company that has been catering to the demand of corporate video production in the United Kingdom for more than a couple of decades. It has well-equipped production centre and well-trained professionals to provide satisfactory every time. 

Take One Business Communications Limited specialises in the production of all types of videos for all types of corporate and business purposes. It understands the significance of right strategy and appropriate skills towards the production of good-quality videos. The decades of experience in the industry signifies that the company is veteran in the business and reliable. The video production London facility of the company is situated in High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire. The production service of Take One encompasses everything from script-writing to studio or location filming using modern equipment. The post video production involves AVID edit suites for top professional results. 

A complete corporate or business video results from use of appropriate graphics and music, which are included in the provision of the video production company. It also offers video encoding for creation of HD Blu-ray DVDs, Standard Definition DVDs, files in the format required by the website of the company and/or YouTube channels. Take One offers various packages in order to meet requirement and budget of various companies. The packages are Showreel, WebShotz, Infomercial, Customer Engagement, Training, Manufacturing and Magazine Programme apart from the YouTube channel of the company. Infomercial, training and customer engagement videos are basically part of promotional video production since all are intended to publicise the provision of the client. 

Showreel encompasses corporate videos of any length as preferred by the client while Magazine Programme is for 15-minutes to 20-minutes videos. The latter is especially useful in sharing competitor intelligence, change management, health & safety messages, human resources engagement and sales training. Besides, full range of service, Take One offers essential and useful information pertaining to corporate video production. Thus, potential clients can first understand about linking video to website, PowerPoint for television, difference between standard and high definitions, suitable file-format, etc. Take One service has been hired by 5G Communications, AkzoNobel, BBC, BP Collins Business Lawyers, BRX, Busines Developpment Group, College of Northwest London and the likes. 

About Take One Business Communications Limited: 

Website: http://www.takeonetv.com/ 

Take One Business Communications Limited is a corporate video production company located in Media House at Hughendon Avenue in High Wycombe. The company provides full range of business video production service from script-writing to duplications & distribution. It offers services under various categories to meet diverse preference of customers.