03, October 2015: When people talk about love story, they would firstly mention the story of Titanic. The epic romantic disaster film directed by James Cameron mainly talks about the moving story of Jack and Rose. Setting the sad plots aside, what also leave deep impression to the audience is the shinning sapphire necklace, the heart of the ocean. Just like the necklace which became the biggest unsolved secret in the last century, Airwheel electric scooter can be such an amazing gift.

Airwheel Photo3

If people want to send their lover the best gift to celebrate their anniversary or just showing their love, they can choose Airwheel electric intelligent scooter. Airwheel scooter is of a bunch of series that can match nearly all the needs of being a good present. Every kind of the Airwheel electric scooter is so classic and unique. Theclassic electric unicycle design of the X series is very suitable for adventure lovers. The Q series is the twin-wheel scooter which is designed and developed independently and of national patents. The Q series are small in size and easy to control. Besides, the Q series are more suitable for the female to ride.

Airwheel Qseries

Compared with the other two series, the S series electric scooter is of much higher level and greater taste. Based on the design concept of Lamborghini vehicles, this series are famous for its easy to control and luxurious taste, which is very suitable for the some white collared officer who are not so into ordinary gifts.

With such a practical present that cost little and had such brilliant features, Airwheel self-balancing scooter can easily make people a good lover even they cannot find the unrivalled sapphire.

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