(Free Press Release) Taiwan is an area in the south-east China, 160 km from the coast of the Asian continent. The country consists of Taiwan Island and the adjacent island groups - Penghu Archipelago (the Pescadores Islands, 64 islands), Matsu and Tszimen islands (located in the Taiwan Strait), Xisha Archipelago (Parazel islands or Xisha), Dunshatsyundao (Pratas Islands or Dongsha), Nansha (Spratly Islands) and Chzhunshatsyundao (all in the South China Sea) totally 86 islands. China disputes the right of Taiwan for the islands Pratas, Paracel and the Pescadores.
Taiwan borders with Japan in the east (island Sakisima), with the Philippines in the south (Batan Island) and China in the west (of the Taiwan Strait). The island Taiwan has dimensions of 394 km from north to south (between the capes Fuguytszyao and Eluanbi) and at 144 km from west to east (at the widest part). In the east Taiwan is bounded by the Pacific Ocean (Philippine Sea), in the south by he South China Sea, in the north by the East China Sea. The Taiwan Strait (width from 127 to 224 km) separates the country from the mainland. The total area of Taiwan is about 35.5 thousand square meters. km (36.6 sq. km. with the islands). The capital of Taiwan is Taipei.