Hudson, New York – April 23, 2015 – Taconic Biosciences, a leading provider of genetically modified solutions to researchers worldwide, announced today a new agreement and the expansion of an existing agreement that together will improve access to lab animal models for researchers in Japan. These moves build on the collaborative efforts that Taconic has already had in place with Micell Trading Corporation and CLEA Japan, Inc., both of which are designed to enhance investigators’ ability to obtain the advanced, high-quality lab animals that are crucial to drug discovery.
A Wide-range of Taconic Genetically Engineered Rodent Models
Under the newest agreement with Micell Trading Corporation, the provider will distribute a wide range of Taconic genetically engineered models and services in Japan, including the unique Taconic Transgenic Modelsâ„¢ (TTMâ„¢) portfolio of more than 60 transgenic rat and mouse models available off-the-shelf. Micell Trading Corporation also has the rights to distribute Taconic’s Emerging Models portfolio of researcher-sponsored models, and the Knockout Mouse Repository of over 4,000 genetically modified mouse lines.
Breeding Select Taconic Mouse & Rat Models
An expanded agreement with CLEA Japan will enable the provider to breed select Taconic mouse and rat models at its production facility in Japan to facilitate faster availability and delivery of these models in the region. CLEA Japan will adhere to the same standard practices for health, genetic and phenotype monitoring as Taconic does, assuring consistency of these Taconic animals whether they are produced at breeding sites in Japan, North America or Europe.
“Taconic continues to see strong and increasing demand for quality lab rodent models in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly genetically modified models,” said Taconic Biosciences CEO Robert J. Rosenthal. “Our new and expanded agreements reinforce long-standing relationships with partners in Japan that can help to bring these critical tools to the Japanese biomedical research community and accelerate drug discovery.”
“We are delighted with this opportunity to provide Taconic’s sophisticated models to Japanese research organizations. The agreement aligns perfectly with our own strategy to provide the most scientifically relevant novel transgenic rat and mouse models for in vivo research.” said Micell President Shinya Abe.
CLEA President Shigenobu Kimoto added, “We are excited to expand Taconic’s breeding agreement. It is a significant advantage to Japanese researchers to have local access to an increasing selection of Taconic inbred models .
About Taconic Biosciences, Inc.
Taconic Biosciences is a global provider of genetically engineered rodent models and services. Founded in 1952, Taconic helps the biotechnology and pharmaceutical communities acquire, custom generate, breed, precondition, test, and distribute highly relevant research models worldwide. Specialists in Rodent Humanization and GEMS Management, Taconic operates three service laboratories and six breeding facilities in the U.S. and Europe and maintains distributor relationships in Asia.
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About Micell Trading Corporation
Based in Takasaki, Gunma and founded in 2010, Micell Trading Corporation distributes research products such as reagents, ELISA kits and devices for mouse identification. Micell also imports and delivers genetically modified (GEM) rodents from overseas to customers in Japan. Micell’s staff has over 25 years of experience in sales, importation, and distribution of products and services to the research institutions in Japan. For more information about Micell Trading Corp., visit
About CLEA Japan, Inc.
Based in Tokyo and founded in 1965, CLEA Japan, Inc. is engaged in lab animal production and sales, the manufacture and sale of research animal feed and breeding equipment, the delivery of lab animal quarantine, inspection and testing services, and consultation on experimental animal facility design and construction. The company is also committed to expanding the availability of disease-specific models to advance the field of bio-science. For more information about CLEA Japan, visit