For the past few years, the All-American brand of apparel DPCTED Apparel has taken huge steps in its advocacy in promoting positive image for people of vast range of body types. Under its slogan “Apparel for your Tantalizing Features”, DPCTED Apparel embraces pride on one’s unique features.

DPCTED Apparel offers witty and humorous statement t-shirts such as inked shirts that celebrate the tantalizing features and individuality in each and everyone.

A great example of a humorous, but bold statement is found on inked shirts that DPCTED released. It provides insight on people’s perception of beauty and weight. The shirt says, “I’M FAT, DON’T SUGARCOAT IT. I’LL EAT THAT TOO.”

“I’M FAT, DON’T SUGARCOAT IT. I’LL EAT THAT TOO” is a tongue in cheek reflection on the ongoing attempt in popular media to put taboo on the word ‘fat’ through the use euphemisms in print, TV, and internet. The wordplay on the shirt examines the ‘sugarcoating’ that is happening through the constant neologism of terms such as ‘plus size,’ fiercely real,’ ‘above average,’ and ‘husky’ when pertaining to word ‘fat.’

Fashion and Beauty writer at Bustle(dot)com, Marie Sothard Ospina, wrote that people’s use of euphemism comes from negative perception on the bigger body size. She told her story on how quick people will hush her up with the use of the word “fat,” even to describe her body. “When I say the word "fat," though, I don't mean it negatively. It's a descriptor. I have fat. I am fat. My tummy is fat. These are all true statements — and they aren't anything to fear. But because fat has become an insult, it still makes people uncomfortable when I use the word,” she explained.

DPCTED Apparel attempts to create a more positive perception on people’s wide range of body types, sizes, and features. Through its provocative but humorous t-shirts such as bearded and inked shirts,  DPCTED Apparel wants to remove the negative connotation on the tantalizing features of each and everyone. Through the statement t-shirts, DPCTED hopes to bring about more positive attitude on America’s diverse and unique individuals.

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