China, 16 January, 2015: The fiber optic products are used in activities like communication and wiring. Their cables have a broader bandwidth compared to metal cables. It means that they are capable of carrying a large amount of data. However, it is necessary to clean them on a periodic basis for better functioning. There are many companies in the market selling the relevant cleaning products. SYOPTEK specializes in selling fiber optic cleaning products to wholesalers and individual buyers. It has already spent a decade in this field by supplying value for money products. 

The one click cleaner or bulkhead cleaner makes it easier to take care of cleaning connector end faces with adapters and jumpers. There is no need to use alcohol for cleaning purposes anymore. Optical connector cleaner is used for the purpose of wiping away contaminants out of optical connector end face easily. A cleaning tape provided will not produce dust and is strong enough to resist foreign particles from mixing into the tape. Anti-static material is used in manufacturing its main body. Tape advancing mechanism has been simplified through reduction in assembly parts. 

SYOPTEK has convenient and long lasting fiber optic cleaning kit products. It is capable of eliminating the reason of fiber optic network failure and contamination. It can be also used for all round inspection of fiber optic networks. It serves the purpose of cleaning various connector types, adapter alignment sleeves, and test equipment ports. This kit is lightweight, reasonably priced and simple to use. A complementary rugged nylon made carrying case is used for storing the kit equipments. 

Among the handheld tools, there is fiber optic cleaner which isn’t flammable and toxic like alcohol. It comes with refillable cleaning tape with more than 500 cleans for every tape. It is a suitable product to use in laboratory and field. An easy to operate push button shutter makes it quick and easy to clean connectors. It has a compact light weight design which taking care of cleaning needs of fiber optics. 

The Xiamen headquartered company has cleaning wipes, swabs, inspection probe and microscope and test kit. There is no need of bargaining for cleaning products for the available products come at wholesale prices and money saving deals. Cleaning the equipment is a major part of long term maintenance. The cleaning procedure of fiber optics is made simple with SYOPTEK line of products. All of these are capable of meeting the varying need of customers. 


SYOPTECH is a professional manufacturer and seller of various fiber optics cleaning products for local and global customers. It was started off in 2005 and operates in more than 550 square meters production area with over 20 employees in Xiamen. The company focuses on achieving customer satisfaction by providing excellent quality, fast delivery and competitive prices. Visit the website for more information on the products offered. 

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