China, 21st June 2014: Clean fibre optic network is important for proper data transmission. Optical cables are an essential part of wide networks and it would be difficult to conduct data communication without these products. The fibre optics use light signals that help in effective communication networks at a faster speed. One should always focus on keeping the fibre cables clean as they tend to get dirty very fast and the dirt would cause stoppage during the communication process. One of the companies that has been producing optical cleaning products for different fibre products is Syoptek. Fiber optic cleaner comes in different range that includes OTDR, fusion splicer, fiber microscope, optical power meter, optical test kit, fiber termination kit, fiber stripper, fiber optical switch, etc.

The most common contaminants in the fibre optical products are dirt, dust and oil. One must make sure that he has good quality Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit to remove these types of dirt materials. Before buying these cleaners one must make a good research on these products and make sure that they are buying the products from the correct company. It is very important to consult a professional company that has experience in this field and provides good quality products. While making a research on these products one must understand the types of products required and the features involved in it. The cleaner must be able to support the connectors that are used in the equipment and they should be able to remove the contaminants from the patch chords.

The end faces of the fiber ports should be cleaned with extra care and as the end parts tend to have extra dirt in them. The cleaning devices should be easy to use even for the general mass. A good cleaner is the one that can be used by everyone even without professional help. It is very important to make sure that the materials included in the cleaning kit are lint free and the cleaning device is able to dispense the solvent properly. Along with the kit one should also get a cloth that can clean the connector properly and reduce the static charge so that the dirt does not get attracted again and again.

Cletop is a one such fiber optical cleaning product that helps in getting the connectors works fine and reducing the downtime tremendously. Cleaning the products makes sure that there is no need to waste money on repairs of the optical fibres and removes any kind of blockage in the networks. Only a good research would help in getting value for money and improving the network infrastructure in a cost effective way.

About Syoptek:


Syoptek is a company that had been started in the year 2005 and is based in China. They produce all kinds of fiber optic cleaning products that includes Bulkhead cleaner, Cassette cleaner, cleaning wipes, cleaning swabs, etc.