Pune, 5 March 2010:
Synefra has been providing innovative infrastructure solutions globally for the last ten years.
Key projects include,
• Commissioning of 62 acres of world‘s largest integrated wind turbine component manufacturing premises at Tianjin, China
• A large component engineering product facility of 40 acres at Pipestone, USA.
• Synefra has to its credit the fastest commissioned and eco consciously developed Hi tech engineering SEZs on 641 acres land near Mangalore (Karnataka), 386 acres land near Vadodara (Gujarat) & 376 acres land near Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu).

These projects reflect Synefra‘s expertise in three verticals viz. e-PM Efficient Project Management, E & C Excellence in Engineering & Construction and i-FMS - Integrated Facility Management Services. The SEZs are available for hi tech engineering industries. with plug and play facility.

Projects Commissioned by Synefra till date
Industrial Green Field 24
Industrial Brown Field 04
SEZ Developed 03
Commercial Buildings 01
Site Infrastructure 88
Hotel Projects 01
Synefra Project Highlights
Total office area developed: 5,300 sq mta
Industrial area constructed: 7,76,399 sq mts
With a focus on Synefra growth plans, Mr. J R Tanti, Managing Director, Synefra E & C who is considered a pioneer for Green Building Initiatives and a visionary for Sustainable infrastructure provided context saying, “Infrastructure shall be the thrust area in the coming decade globally and Synefra shall be focusing on leveraging the available opportunities in E & C sector. While One Earth shall re-write many norms in the infrastructure industry we shall continue to cross our own benchmarks. It reaffirms Synefra‘s commitment to the cause of Sustainable Infrastructure.”
Project One Earth is developed on an area of 443,473 sq. ft (10.75 acres and shall be one of the largest green building projects in the country. It is a benchmark project in energy efficiency in all aspects of engineering and construction. Built on principles of LEED and GRIHA and its whole-building approach to sustainability the key aspects are human and environmental health, sustainable site development, efficient water usage, energy and waste methods, materials and resource selection, indoor environmental quality and most important innovation and design processes.
A few program highlights achieved by Synefra are:
• Site is in accordance with specified distances from wetlands and farm lands. The design of the premises incorporates open spaces that exceed local zoning requirements by as much as 25% thus ensuring little or no site disturbance.
• 70% of construction material so deployed is low energy in nature, which is manufactured regionally and uses higher recycled content.
• 100% renewable energy powered campus (solar & wind) along with deployment of CFCs and HCFCs free air conditioning systems has helped phenomenally in energy conservation.
• Keeping in tune with water conservation efforts the premise has maximum rain water harvesting system and on site sewage treatment plant that aids recycling sewage water for air conditioning and landscape.
• The Campus uses “pebble drain” technology to reduce soil erosion and collect rain water. Energy, water and soil conservation have therefore been woven into each and every facet of construction.
• Largest outdoor LED installation for all external lighting.
• Water cooled VRV air conditioning installation.
• Urban installation of on - site 18 wind turbines.
One Earth with a capacity to accommodate around 2300 employees is based on the theme of a ´Global Village‘ and is so named as a tribute to earth‘s unique existence as a self-replenishing eco-system. Synefra has achieved an overall 20% project cost saving in comparison to a similar scale project. Over and above its green credentials this project has also a lot to offer with respect to work place ambience, aesthetics and social dynamics thereby contributing immensely to employee productivity.

Major Projects handled by Synefra in Recent Past
Green Field Hi-Tech Industrial Park, Tianjin, China - 250,000 sq mt
Green field Manufacturing Facility,USA - 156642 sq mt
Green Field Hi-Tech Engg. Industrial Park - 56,54,873 sq mt
One Earth, Pune - 45,000 sq mt

Mr. Sanjeev Nakhasi, Corporate VP Operations, Synefra E & C explains, “One Earth was conceptualized, designed, executed and commissioned with the vision of creating a “Green” workplace achieved through professional project management skills combined with innovating and advanced construction science technologies. The program highlights Synefra‘s spectrum of service range with niche services of cost effective sustainable infrastructure solution provider.”

Having developed country‘s three fastest commissioned SEZ projects fully operational with ready to use infrastructure and having recently completed the one of country‘s greenest building, Synefra has firmly established itself as a player to reckon with in the E & C sector and is all set to venture into auxiliary development of roads, airports, power utilities and industrial infrastructure.

About Synefra Engineering & Construction Ltd:
Synefra Engineering & Construction Ltd. was founded in the year 1998, with a focus to conceptualize, invest, develop & maintain Hi-Tech Industrial Infrastructure globally. With more than a decade of execution expertise, Synefra has today evolved to be an “Innovative Infrastructure Solutions‘ Provider” to different industrial business segments. With experienced professionals comprising of engineers, architects, finance and management specialists, Synefra offers a wide array of services in the Engineering & Construction sector. Having made its mark as a Hi-tech SEZ developer, Synefra offers business operation solutions to infrastructure segments such as project management consultancy right from conceptualization to commissioning of projects, land development, construction of commercial complexes, industrial infrastructure, port infrastructure, and auxiliary development of roads, airports and power utilities. It further offers specialized niche services for Green Building execution, related certification, value engineering, logistics studies, build-ability analysis etc. The company has its focus on its social responsibility with a defined CSR mission and green built space policy.

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