Every woman will know that, as much and as hard as you might want to grow out your hair, odds are you’ll still get that familiar itch, right as your hair will starts to grow in, the itch that will eventually make you cut your hair again, only to have to start growing it out again. Some women experience quicker hair growth than others, so for some, listening to that familiar itch could mean spending the next two or three years growing back the hair that was cut off. Ladies everywhere can count themselves lucky though, as they no longer have to wait for their hair to grow in order to experiment with different styles—all they have to do is buy a lace wig with bangs, or a lace wig with a more pronounced curl, and they can change their style in no time flat. Enter a world of possibilities, a world of lace wigs.


If you’re facing extensive hair loss or severe damage, lace wigs  can mean more than just a change in your look. They can lift your spirits and restore your self-esteem. Many women take great pride in their hair, so losing most or all of it due to an illness can be devastating. Lace wigs give women in this situation a range of styles, colors and texture to choose from. You can get a straight hair wig, a curly hair wig, a lace wig with bangs, or you can get several different types of wigs and change your look around, keeping people on their toes.


If you’re new to lace wigs in general, you might be better off starting with a lace wig with bangs. It will be easier to get the hang of applying your hair piece on your own if you’re working with a lace wig with bangs, as you’ll have more room for error. As the bangs will come down your face, you’ll have a bit of leeway when gluing or taping the wig to your head. You can get away with applying your lace wig with bangs either before or past your hairline, as all errors will be camouflaged by the bangs themselves. Be careful, however, to keep a straight line. The last thing you want is to use the strongest adhesive, just to find your piece is stuck on crookedly for the next 6 weeks.


You can choose between a wide variety of adhesives for applying your lace wigs. Different adhesives have different hold strengths and/ or hold times, so you should own a variety of them, for all types of occasions. However, make sure to always test the adhesive on your skin before applying it to your scalp, to ensure you won’t have an allergic reaction to any of the chemicals composing the adhesive, and that you won’t break out in hives. This isn’t often the case; however, as the adhesives do all contain chemicals, it’s wise to always perform the skin test before doing a full application.

If you’re tired of your hair and are looking for a change, look into the option of lace wigs. Getting a lace wig with bangs can help you change your look in no time, and it can help you determine whether you want to go ahead with a cut in the same style.