United Kingdom, 17, February 2016: A new money-saving price comparison website is making waves in the energy supply industry. Customers who use the service are making huge savings across the board after getting involved. The process is simple and very similar to that used by alternative comparison companies. Customers provide details about their service, and befuddled.co.uk searches the market. Best of all? That happens in under 60 seconds! The service makes it easy for users to compare and judge the potential savings. People can select their chosen deal and switch energy supplier online at the click of a button.


Homeowners and tenants all over the UK are using the service to change supplier every day. They do that for any number of reasons including high prices, poor service, and more. By making the switch, people can enjoy the benefits of being a new customer all over again. That means they can take advantage of excellent introductory deals while also keeping more cash in the bank. Many companies also offer green tariffs these days for people who want to be more eco-friendly.

Many customers have reported incredible savings since using the service during the last few months. Indeed, annual price reductions amount to around £273.56 or higher on average. That has helped to provide more money for family holidays and the finer things in life. At the end of the day, who would feel comfortable paying more for their energy than is necessary?

The comparison service uses the Energylinx tariff calculator accredited to the Ofgem Confidence Code. That means customers can relax, safe in their knowledge they’re getting impartial results. Convenience is considered one of the primary benefits of the service, and that's why the process is entirely digitalised. It takes no longer than five minutes to complete, and it’s hassle-free.

Befuddled.co.uk also provides a range of different comparison services customers might like to consider. They include:

* Mobile Phone Comparison
* Broadband Comparison
* Insurance Comparison
* Travel Comparison
* And more

Unlike some other comparison services, Befuddled is entirely free for everyone. The company makes a profit by earning commissions when users make the switch. So, their income comes from the other side, and customers will never have to pay for the service. The entire team is honest and dedicated to helping people save money by reducing their monthly bills. Anyone who wants to know more is encouraged to visit the website today. Media representatives and those with customer service requests can use the contact information below.

Regardless of the price of current plans, it’s wise for everyone to take a look at how much cash they could save with befuddled.co.uk.

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