Sweet Candy Company unveils the newest version of its iconic Orange Sticks at the industry’s Sweets & Snacks Expo, May 23 — 25, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois.

Sweet Candy Company is one of the oldest family-owned and operated candy companies in the United States. Sweet’s Milk Chocolate Orange Sticks have been a mainstay in candy sets for more than 75 years. In keeping with consumer trends, Sweet Candy Co has reformulated the entire line of chocolate sticks to use real fruit juice in place of artificial colors and flavors.

“I’m confident that Orange Stick fans will like the changes we made. We took our classic product and improved on taste and quality,” explains Rick Kay, Sweet Candy Co.’s President, and CEO. “Not only did we reformulate to add real fruit juice, but we also updated the packaging to highlight the perfectly balanced fruit and chocolate combination.”

Curtis Fulton, Sweet’s VP of Sales, concurs and adds, “This product line has broad appeal across many channels of trade. I frequently hear how many generations have grown up with Sweet’s Chocolate Orange Sticks during the holidays. This rebranded product and packaging has been designed to appeal to a new demographic, while at the same time, keeps the iconic box size and style to maintain its recognition on the candy shelf.”

Available in 10.5oz boxes, Sweet Candy Company launches the new chocolate sticks line with five flavors: Milk Chocolate Orange, Dark Chocolate Orange, Milk Chocolate Raspberry, Dark Chocolate Cherry, and Dark Chocolate Blueberry . The packages are packed in 12 count cases, or in a 30 count display ready case. You can get the chocolate jelly sticks in milk chocolate or dark chocolate. As one of the highest values per ounce in the Chocolate Category, the suggested retail is $4.99 per 10.5oz Box.

Available to ship June 1, 2017. Kosher Dairy. Certified Gluten Free. Proud USA Company. Order yours today and see why Sweet’s Chocolate Jelly Sticks remain such a popular treat.


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