13, October 2016: Kayla Itsines is a fitness trainer whose Sweat With Kayla App has helped many women to lose weight and get a killer body. An honest and detailed review of the app released with an objective of informing people about the benefits of the Kayla Itsines workouts. These workouts have been designed systematically for women to witness effective weight loss results within a few weeks.

The review explores the knowledge and skills of Kayla, which can be evidently witnessed in the exercises that the app recommends to its users. According to the reviewer, the sweat with Kayla workouts are fun and one can discover that her body is gradually changing to get into a better shape. Before launching the app, Kayla has already achieved recognition for her Bikini Body Guide. This PDF e-book has helped many to lose weight and get a celebrity like body. The Bikini Body Guide contains both workout and diet plans to help women lose weight and reshape their body. However, the reviewer believes that the app is not as effective as the Bikini Body Guide.

Kayla’s app can run on both iOS and Android platforms and is available in different languages, such as English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese and others. One can download the app from the Google Play, App Store or Kayla’s website. Once the app is installed onto a phone, it keeps sending new workout and new recipes on the phone on a daily basis. The app sends the same workouts and diets that the Bikini Body Guide also contains. One can also switch from the BBG to the app and can get the workouts and diet on their phone from where they would have left the BBG. The app undoubtedly makes Kayla’s workouts available at any time and right on the device of the user, so that she can never miss it.

The app is available for a monthly subscription of $19.99 per month basis, and one can also go for a three-month subscription, which costs $54.99 only. One can read the complete review and can learn all about the pros and cons of the app on the website norbati.com.

About Sweat With Kayla App:

The Sweat With Kayla App offers Kayla Itsines workouts to its users. The workouts have been designed by Kayla for users to lose weight and get a bikini body. The app is available for iPhone as well as Android phones, and it sends workouts and recipes to the user’s phones on a daily basis, so that they can follow the weight loss program earnestly.

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