Swarg-lok indulge in Nautanki with Narad Muni


Catch Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi in human avatars on Earth


National: Narayan Narayan Chulbule Narad Ki NatkhatLeelayen is not leaving any stone unturned to entertain its viewers. This week our chulbuleNarad Muni brings a rib tickling episode full of laughter, where he will be seen playing his own character in Ramleela on Earth. With a lot of hilarity and comical errors, catch mischievous Narad Muni involving Swarg-Lok in a nautanki this Thursday-Friday, April 23-24 at 8:00 pm on BIG MAGIC.


As the episode unfolds, Narad and Chingu reach on Earth to solve problems of some villagers, but instead get themselves into trouble. Villagers interpret Narad as the character of 'Narad' from Raamleela and take him for practice. Soon, Narad Muni indulges in the play and practices various parts of the Ram Katha. Meanwhile, the actor playing Lord Rama leaves the village, which puts everyone in dilemma. Seeing this, Narad Muni goes to his beloved Vishnu for help and requests him to play the part of Lord Rama. Goddess Laxmi doesn’t like the idea much, hence she puts one condition to Narad. What is Goddess Laxmi’s condition? Will Narad Muni be able to fulfill her wish? What are other twists Narad faces?

Catch the nautanki special with the Gods this Thursday-Friday, April 23-24 @8:00 pm on BIG MAGIC