03, January 2015: When F and I met the extremely talented Susan Peires, we were fascinated to hear about her inspiration from folklore, mythology, history and romances. These influences make for an entirely distinct style with gems and structures that are instantly recognizable as Susan’s design. Something which caught our eye recently was one of her pieces that could be worn as a very bold and unusual emerald engagement ring. 

Engagement ring designer Susan Peires

Shaped into the distinctive heart cut, the beautiful green gem she has carefully chosen sparkles beautifully along with the small diamond accents. Something that interested F was the cut of the stone, as it was less obviously shaped than other heart cuts we have seen. At quick glance it could almost pass as a pear cut, and F liked the subtlety Susan had created with this. 

The deep, beautiful green of the emerald, the white sparkle of the accent diamonds and the gold shine of the band definitely reflect a mythical vibe to me, whilst the cut reminds me of traditional romance. 

Susan spoke to us about her strong belief in the protective power of gemstones and the messages she thinks different stones can portray. Her passion for ring making certainly shone through as we looked at her portfolio, and I felt myself being pulled into the world of mythology and folklore as I heard each of the amazing stories that had inspired her rings. If you’re looking for a designer brimming with imagination and who has a love for everything mystical, then Susan can definitely create something magical for you.