07, December 2015: To everyone, Christmas Day is an exciting festival. On that day, everybody will give away his elaborate gift to one another. Before getting the Christmas Day gift, each one is full of expectation and imagination. They are guess what gift they will receive. On the other hand, the giver of gift has to spend much time on picking and choosing an exquisite gift. A surprise is better in the process of gift-offering. Here a brilliant likely gift will be strongly recommended, that is, Airwheel electric skateboard M3.


When it comes to skateboard, it is no stranger to everyone. When they were still naughty children, skateboard were their favourite toy. Their dream in the childhood was to own a precious skateboard. That can be said that a skateboard is every child’s dream. Therefore, even though they grow up, they still show a strong and long-standing feeling about skateboard. In view of such fact, Airwheel created the electric hoverboard M3 so as to refresh everyone’s memory in their childhood. Airwheel M3 shares the same exterior design with the traditional skateboard, for the same exterior goes a long way serving as a reminder that their childhood is coming back to them on Christmas Day.


Different from the traditional skateboard, electric air board manufacturerAirwheelM3 is powered by electricity, other than by physical force. The traditional skateboard are driven by the leg of the rider. A long ride always makes the rider feel a bit tired. The resulting fatigue blunts the fun of riding and mars the pleasure. The electricity-powered vehicle toy will provide them with an effortless ride. This goes to say that Airwheel M3 has a cut above the traditional one. Airwheel M3 is electronic product more than a toy vehicle. With 10 meters away from Airwheel M3, the owner is still to manipulate the scooter, merely via the wireless remote control at hand. From this perspective, the traditional one is far from a match of Airwheel M3. On Christmas Day, it must be a likely Christmas Day gift for children.

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