(Free Press Release) Loupe Direct is a renowned name in the business of selling face shields of the highest quality at competitive prices. It sells disposable face shields which are super light and ultra-transparent.
They can easily clip on to the prescription glasses, plastic support frames, safety glasses or even loupes. The support frames are available to be used when there is no need of safety glasses. The Pro-Tex face shields provided by us are not designed for impact use and simply work as a barrier between the body and fluid spatter and sprays. To order, users can call us at Pro-Tex International, Inc at 1-800-680-9361.

Our other highly sophisticated products include dental loupes. With great sense of pride, we would like to tell that we provide the lightest dental loupes in the market. We understand that comfort is of top most priority and surgeons and dentists should be stress-free while performing complicated surgeries. We understand that loupes are required to be worn for long number of hours so they have to be comfortable. Our TTL loupes weigh 2 oz and our flip-up loupes weigh a mere 2.5 oz.

We provide super high resolution (HD) optics which come with a triple layer coating. It delivers razor sharp images right in front of your eyes. These loupes are supported by G3 fusion sporty frames. They have a well-balanced weight and highly soft nose pads. They provide great comfort to the wearer. They have a wraparound high base panoramic lens which gives a wide view without any hindrance. They are a polycarbonate frame lens with a 4A treatment. Our loupes are made up of the strongest lens in the world which are treated with anti-fog, anti-scratch, anti UV and anti-static. Our loupes have a triple hinge design (flip-up-only). We provide loupes which are easily adjustable as people have different right and left eye PD (Pupil Distance). Thus, the dental loupes provide a convenient way to achieve optimal focal alignment.

We offer a 14 day no obligation return/exchange option and provide a limited life time warranty.

For further information and to buy face shields, dental loupes please feel free to visit www.loupedirect.com