Surge Arrestor installed between communication equipment and coaxial cable connector or between two
communication equipments can protect communication equipment from damage caused by transient state voltage formed by thunder induction. It adopts quarter-wave technology, is designed according to VSW theory and frequency spectrum of lightening wave. It has features of quick reaction, big current passing capacity, wide frequency band, low VSWR, low insertion loss, easy installation and free maintenance. It can be used to meet protection requirements of various communication equipments and lightening sensitivity.

It‘s an electrical appliances to protect the electronic equipment against lightning overvoltage transient protection, it is usually connected to wires (power phase line, signal line, zero line) and ground between being protective devices in parallel, when the lightning over-voltage the value of the required actions voltage, arrester immediate to limit over-voltage amplitude lead to protection equipment and systems, enabling the system to work properly.

Surge arrestor series:

Low-voltage surge arrestor
Apply in Low-voltage distribution system, exchange of electrical appliances protector, low-voltage distribution transformer windings

Distribution arrestor
Apply in 3KV, 6KV, 10KV AC power distribution system to protect distribution transformers, cables and power station equipment

The station type of common valve arrestor
Used to protect the 3 ~ 220KV transformer station equipment and communication system

Magnetic blow valve station arrestor
Use to 35 ~ 500KV protect communication systems, transformers and other equipment

Protection of rotating machine using magnetic blow valve arrester
Used to protect the AC generator and motor insulation

Line Magnetic blow valve arrester
Used to protect 330KV and above communication system circuit equipment insulation

DC or blowing valve-type arrester
Use to protect the DC system‘s insulation of electrical equipment

Neutral protection arrester
Apply in motor or the transformer‘s neutral protection

Fiber-tube arrester
Apply in the power station‘s wires and the weaknesses protection in the insulated

Plug-in Signal Arrester
Used to twisted-pair transmission line in order to protect communications and computer systems

High-frequency feeder arrester
Used to protect the microwave, mobile base stations satellite receiver, etc

Receptacle -type surge arrester
Use to Protect the terminal Electronic equipment

Signal Arrester
Apply in MODEM, DDN line, fax, phone, process control signal circuit and etc.

Network arrester
Apply in servers, workstations, interfaces and etc.

Coaxial cable lightning arrester
Used to the coaxial cable in order to protect the wireless transmission and receiving system

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