22, February 2016: Slip resistant flooring prevents accidents. A high traffic area with slip resistant coating protects people against unnecessary and avoidable accidents.

Bathrooms and kitchens are home to plenty of activity. "Property managers should take a moment to consider doing something to make these rooms much safer to protect the safety of their tenants and to avoid risk in potential slip and fall lawsuits", advises Bob Kennedy, owner of Surface Renew.

Kennedy goes on to say that high traffic areas are prone to being unsafe. Bathrooms accumulate a lot of moisture. This moisture usually builds on floors, producing an environment prone to slips and falls. Kitchens are the same way. Untreated kitchen flooring is also rather slippery, whether hardwood or tiled flooring.

Why Arkansas Property Managers Benefit from Slip Resistant Flooring

Installing slip resistant flooring in a rental property helps prevent tenants against accidents. Not only that, it provides more protection for property managers; namely, protection against legal issues caused by slippery flooring accidents.

A property manager may want to have slip resistant flooring installed. It's best to get it done before renting the property out to a potential tenant. Property managers can also use slip resistant mats for kitchens and bathrooms. Slip resistant mats are relatively inexpensive for property managers to invest in. They're also convenient protection for high traffic areas prone to excessive moisture.

Slip Resistant Coatings and Mats Saving Property Managers from Risk

Slip resistant flooring and mats make kitchens and bathrooms safer on a regular basis. Surface Renew, a specialty trade company based in Maumelle, AR, helps property managers reduce liability in reducing slip and fall issues with slip resistant coating for bathtubs and showers. Slip resistant coatings work great in apartment, house and condo rentals. It is also great for colleges with dorm rooms and community showers.

Not only can an unsafe home be unpleasant to live in or to visit, but it can also cause possible legal issues for the owner if someone gets hurt and needs medical attention. This article covers slip resistant coatings that can be added to a bathroom floor to create a safer environment. Read it here: http://surface-renew.com/articles/slipresistantcoatingsbathtubshower

Rental property managers and homeowners in Arkansas and Kentucky trust and use the specialists at Surface Renew for all of their bathroom and kitchen slip resistant coating projects. The contractors at Surface Renew are reliable, trustworthy, and thorough on jobs.

It's not too late to make your kitchen and bathroom floors slip resistant. You can cover existing floors in a slip resistant covering. Others opt for slip resistant mats if their kitchen or bathrooms aren’t as large. Slip resistant flooring and mats help prevent accidents from happening in your properties.

Learn more about Surface Renew at http://surface-renew.com or call Bob Kennedy direct at 501-920-9326.